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Not Knowing Your Dream Buyer Avatar (Buyer Persona) Is Costing You Money!

Too many business owners are saying they are targeting "whoever" wants to buy their product. This causes them to end up missing their dream buyer completely!

James Hannan

Sales & Marketing Ninja and StoryBrand Guide

Naomi Joy

Social Media Empress and StoryBrand Guide

What people are saying about James Hannan's Naomi Joy's Training

"James & Naomi are wonderful. I now have a plan, the training is amazing, thank you!"
Colleen Ryan
"Thanks to James and Naomi's training my business went from Zero to $23,000 in sales"
Stuart Munro
"From not being able to afford glasses for my son to a business that just keeps growing."
Popi Khouri

"More than likely you don't even know what a customer avatar or buyer persona is, don't worry, we were the same when we first started out. But since figuring it out, we have been able to build businesses that turn over millions and now we teach others to do the same."

James & Naomi

This Is What Happens When You Create Your Perfect Customer Avatar Or Buyer Persona

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