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Welcome To Customer Gold Mine

Every business needs customers, if you don’t have people buying your products than you don’t have a business. 

If you look after your customers they will become raving fans and tell their friends and contacts about you and your service. The opposite is true as well. If you don”t look after your customers the same will happen. 

Even though this is an old series, the way you deal with and get customers remains the same. You will have many AHA moments in this series.

In this series you will learn

Where to find customers.How to talk to them.How to get them started.What to do with them to get them to upgrade to business partners.How to get them to refer their friends


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Customer Gold Mine

Video 6

Getting Referrals

Referrals will be the life blood of your business, you won’t need to spend money or run ads etc. to find them. Just look after your clients and learn how to ask for them professionally and watch your results

Video 7

Getting Your Clients To Upgrade

As said in the first video, upgrading Customers to Business Partners is one of the easiest things you could do.

Look after them, build depth under them and then show them what they have, and just watch how many will actually upgrade with you.

Video 8

Creating Momentum With Customers

Learn how to create momentum and excitement with Customers. They can totally explode your business when done the right way.

Video 9

Using Tools To Help You Prospect

Don’t try to build your business just with what you say, use the tools that you have at your disposal

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