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Welcome To Customer Gold Mine

Every business needs customers, if you don’t have people buying your products than you don’t have a business. 

If you look after your customers they will become raving fans and tell their friends and contacts about you and your service. The opposite is true as well. If you don’t look after your customers the same will happen. 

In this series you will learn

Where to find customers.How to talk to them.How to get them started.What to do with them to get them to upgrade to business partners.How to get them to refer their friends


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Customer Gold Mine

Video 1


Be sure to:

Watch this video explaining the opportunity of building depth with Customers.Print out this pdf document (which is explained in the video): aside time to watch and listen to the training about a Customer Goldmine.

Video 2

Why I Had It Wrong

I (James) used to think that the best way and the only way to build a long lasting business, was to recruit and develop business partners. Now I still believe that they are essential the long term growth and survival of your business, I have to admit, that developing a growing and thriving Customer Base is incredibly important.

I have found over the years that many of my key business partners have actually been customers/clients first. They came in because they had something that our products could help and then because of the results, they upgraded and started to share their results with others.

Not everyone has done this though, I also have many (Like myself) who got started in the business straight away because our need was not health, wellness or weight loss etc, it was MONEY.

Video 3

What Do You Do With Customers?

Video 4

Customers Can Make You Big Money

Customers can take you from ZERO to HERO!

Video 5

Understanding Your Client Base

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