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Here you will find all the courses you have access to. Please click the relevant course below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team who are here to answer any questions you have. Please note they do not give training, just help on any challenges you may face with finding resources etc.

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Courses offered...

Courses 1

Facebook Bot Mastery

You have finally found the way to automate responses to prospects and clients, get information our fast, generate sales and create a hive of excitement for your business.   

Courses 2

Facebook Live Mastery

Did you know that Live Videos generate the biggest amount of interaction on your profile and page and that building the “know, Like and Trust” factor is the most important component.

Courses 3

Facebook Page Mastery

So there is no double ups, we make each training concise. This means we keep specific training in their relevant areas.

Courses 4

Facebook Profile Mastery

This will be the beginning of you building your brand on Facebook, getting more leads and creating more customers for your business.

Courses 5

Facebook Profile Mastery Ebook

You are going to love this ebook. Its a step by step guide to help you build your facebook profile!

Courses 6

Facebook Stories Mastery

Did you know that Facebook Stories are already bigger than any other story platform and growing?

Courses 7

Learning How To Navigate Facebook

This video will show you how to navigate and understand a few key terminologies on the Facebook Website. (This is not for when you are using a phone or ipad etc)

Courses 8

Marketing And Running Facebook Events

Training on how to market and run Facebook Events to generate leads and make sales

Courses 9

The 7 E’s of Marketing

Once you know how to navigate Facebook it’s time to start marketing.

Courses 10

Using Canva To Create Your Brand

Learn how to use Canva to create images, your brand and establish your style

Courses 11

Using GetResponse For Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must for all online marketers. Learn how to start email marketing