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Yesterday I was telling you about Facebook Ads Tip around what to do to get your ads working. If you haven’t read that article head over there after this one. Today I was to go a little deeper and take you through our Facebook ads idea that we worked with and the different steps we took. Some worked and some didn’t but in the end we were pretty happy with the outcome.

Facebook Ads Idea 1

Remember that everything you do takes time and effort, don’t ever think that everything is going to be easy, of some things will be, but not everything.

The way we work out our Facebook Ads is we first need to know what our end goal is, what is it we are trying to achieve. I know this may sound simple and you are probably thinking “James that’s a little basic, isn’t it?” but you would be surprised at how hard this can be at times. Do you want your facebook ad to generate a lead for a campaign, attend a webinar, come to a live event, purchase a product, all of the above etc etc etc? It’s when things cross over that it becomes a little confusing because you need to have your funnel very sharp because it is not just one area you need to work on.

Today on Rise Social Media, let’s just talk about generating a lead that you are going to want to call on the phone to discuss your product, service or business.

My Facebook ads idea is this:

Make your image attention grabbing, your heading asks a question, and your text give a promise. When you do this you have the foundation laid. Let’s go through each individually.

Facebook Ads Idea Number 1: Make your image attention grabbing.

I have tried many different ads for what I do, including little cute kittens, models, inanimate objects to my personal picture. Each have worked to a varying degree and not one will work all the time. As I have said you will need to test what works for you. The thing to remember is that Facebook won’t allow you to have more than 20% of your image be taken up with text. So you want your image to “Say a thousand words” so to speak.

Facebook Ads Idea 2
Let your picture paint a thousand words

I am continually looking at what others are doing for my own Facebook ads ideas. I have a folder on my computer of ads I see that I like. They give me ideas on what might work.

Facebook Ads Idea Number 2: Get your heading to ask a question.

All advertising and marketing is about asking the right questions and then delivering the solution to their issue. I highly recommend you do some copywriting courses to work on what to say. I know for me it is definitely something I am continually working on. Think about your market and what they are looking for, think about their pain and put the solution to their pain in your heading. If they are always tired, ask the question “Would you like more energy?” is what I am saying here.

Facebook Ads Idea Number 3: Make a promise in your text.

Your text needs to have the solution to their problem. You want to talk a little about their pain and more about the solution you have to their pain. Make sure you understand the Facebook Rules though, they are very tight on what you can say. No income claims to health claims etc. Again look at what your competition is doing and see if you can get some ideas. The promise is really the benefits of what you will give them when they leave their details. You may want to spend time writing those benefits down in bullet point before you start writing your copy.

Extra Bonus:


A great website to get some copywriting ideas and tips from is CopyBlogger or http://copyblogger.com They have courses and free ebooks! You could spend your life on this site learning how to become an incredible copywriter and I highly recommend it. I go there very often.

Image Creation:

I love using Canva to create images. It is a free service but also has premium images you can purchase as well. I think I have only ever purchased one image for the huge price of $1. Check it out.

Did This Help You? If so,comment below and tell me what you liked, if you have an opinion, share that as well!

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