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Welcome To Facebook Live Video Mastery

This will be the beginning of you building your brand on Facebook, getting more leads and creating more customers for your business. 

You will notice 5 sections each section comprising of different videos. We recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through. 

The first section is all about foundational improvements. Even if you are a seasoned Facebooker, we recommend that you watch each video and take action.


Facebook Live MasteryModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5Module 6

Foundational Work

Video 16

Step 3: Ask a Question

Catch your audience’s attention with an interesting question

Video 17

Step 4: Interaction

Think of clever ways to interact with your audience

Video 18

Step 5: Content

Where do you find the content for your Live videos? Here are some websites you can visit to inspire you

Video 19

Step 6: Have a Call to Action

Think of a powerful call to action before you start your video

Video 20

Step 7: Thank and Recap

Don’t forget to thank your audience. Try to answer their questions and comments and do a recap on the topic you have covered

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