Facebook Profile Mastery: How To Build A Client Base On The World’s Largest Social Media Site

Facebook Profile Mastery 1

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It’s time you got Facebook working for you.

Are you wanting to know how to start using facebook to generate leads,turn those leads into clients, upgrade those clients to business partnersand then actually duplicate your efforts on Facebook so that your team feel empowered,motivated and follow your lead no matter their age, current abilities or experience?

Get Results

“Now it’s your turn to learn from my experiences, avoid the pitfalls and put yourself on the short cut to becoming a Master with your Facebook Profile. This course will take years off your learning curve and save you the heartache that comes with mistakes that could have been avoided. You get to win faster and enjoy the rewards of your efforts!”

James Hannan

James Hannan

Rise Social Media

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

When you see those people walking across stage each year at your annual convention, do you look at them and wonder what do they do and how can you be one of them? Does it ignite a fire in your belly to make you do more or do you feel defeated and think you will never be able to do it because you don’t know what they know?

If you are thinking like this, I want you to know that you are not alone. Everything in our industry changed when some pretty smart marketers worked out that there was a way to generate highly targeted and motivated leads online. New records were being set and a whole new type of leader was emerging. They were hungry for success and found a new way to make it happen faster and easier than ever before.I want to give you some hope. Facebook Profile Mastery can help you go a long way to levelling the playing field.

Stop wondering why those people are winning all the awards and become one of them.Start using Facebook to attract and get started clients and business partners.Learn what others are doing so you can stop being left behind.Be a success story that inspires others to achieve their dreams and go beyond your fears.Generate momentum and learn how to switch it on whenever you need.

Not everything that gets trained by the “gurus” is actually true when put it into real life business developing situations in the network marketing arena. There are images you should post that will have people asking for information and wanting to join your team and then there are things you should definitely not do or you will have your prospects being repelled and never even looking at another one of your posts as long as you are on Facebook.You don’t have to become a statistic and join the ever growing mountain of failed home entrepreneurs who gave up on their dreams because they didn’t know how to find and convert leads using Facebook.

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This training has given me everything I needed to build a successful bussines. I now have the knowledge and the skills to earn an income form home. Thank you James

Jo Bishop Rise Social Media

Jo Bishop

Victoria Australia


I will be forever grateful to James for his Social Media training. I totally get how to maximise social media now and it has made a HUGE difference to my results! Thanks James.

Sarah Taylor Rise Social Media

Sarah Taylor

Cambridge New Zealand


This training is amazing. No matter where you start you can learn the basics right up to advanced. For me I started at the not knowing how to ‘cut and paste’ level. I was very unfamiliar with Facebook or how to market myself. Through this training I now have an international business and am training others to do what I do. Thank you so much James.

Sandra Spence

Sandra Spence

Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

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What you will receive

Step by Step Videos on each process of your Facebook Profile. They are short as well, so you don’t have to wait around for hours to get to the one point you are wanting to learn.Proven lead generation strategies.How to keep your profile secure.Real life examples. See the exact posts we use to increase engagement and find prospects.

The Story Behind Profile Mastery

I have been in the Network Marketing Industry now for over 18 years and a 6 figure p.a income earner since 2003 with the same network marketing company. (I say this because you will see and hear many stories of people saying they earn 6 figures per year, but it isn’t from their primary company and if they got there, they didn’t hold it). In my team we have had over 16 people achieve the 6 figure income level in 6 countries around the world and growing every year.Like most network marketing businesses we started building using only offline strategies until one day I realised that online really does work. That was in 2005. I developed my first website, started generating leads through SEO and converting those leads to business partners. My eyes were opened to the power of what the internet could do and be to the network marketer, but how do you duplicate it?We started with websites, autoresponders, landing pages, webinars etc etc etc you name it, I tried everything to find a simple and duplicatable way for my team to do what I was doing. But nothing really worked. Then disaster hit, my team threw their hands up in the air in frustration at what we were doing and went back to what they knew worked and they could do, offline. But that is a story for another time. Suffice to say I needed to relook at what I was doing and Facebook was that way.

The Most Important Component

I started to buy up all of the training I could get my hands on and then implement what I was learning only to find that much of what I was being taught didn’t really work or it did work, it just wasn’t simple and duplicatable. I became the one thing I never thought I would ever be, an Analyst. I started to go deep into what was working and what wasn’t and then I looked at the most important question “Why was it working and can I duplicate it?” I threw out what I couldn’t and only kept what I knew my team could do.

The Result

I implemented my strategies and started to duplicate my methods. I started a new team and worked with them to build a true Network Marketing Business that combined both Online and Offline Strategies with Facebook being the linch pin that held it all together and it worked. We developed a 6 figure income earner, we had growth and we had something that anyone could do. Now you can as well.

This Is Perfect For

The newbie wanting to start their networking and facebook career in the right way.Ladies in home business who care about making sure their posts send a positive and attractive message.Men that want to ensure the time they spend on Facebook will generate the biggest bang for their buck.Anyone wanting to build their brand so that you become irresistible to the market and when people think of buying a product or service like you have or business, they think of you.The professional Facebook Networker who is wanting to ensure they are getting the absolute best out of the time they are investing.The seasoned networker who has never used Facebook or anything online but has made a decision that now is the time to start doing something online to give direction to your team and results for yourself.Transformed

Growing my business to the next level means being able to connect with more people who are looking for the exact product and service that I have to offer. James’ help in being able to understand and use social media to engage the right kind of people has been a powerful and essential ingredient, thanks James.

Facebook Profile Mastery 5

Colleen Ryan

Cambridge New Zealand

Now you get to learn what my global team and I do to generate leads and turn our previously unprofitable time on Facebook into the most rewarding time we spend all day.You will get the inside scoop on what we do and how we do it, you will then be able to take our paint by numbers approach and duplicate it into your team to see the kind of growth and excitement we do.Has this got your heart pumping and adrenaline racing? I hope so. Start to think about the possibilities of being able to have a duplicatable method to generate leads whenever you and your team want? Everything you are about to learn is real and works.It isn’t based on “theory” or stuff we have not tried and tested. We have proven over and over again that it works and it can work for you.The information you are about to receive has never been released by me or any of my team before. It’s always been our heavily guarded secret, you couldn’t have even received access to it even under the threat of death. (well maybe that…)

Facebook Profile Mastery 1

What You Get

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Rise social Media Profile Mastery what you getStunning

I never thought in a million years that I would using Facebook to help run a business that generates me an income just by posting an image and sending a link. I am so thankful for your training and guidance. Thank you James & Naomi xx

popi kouri

Popi Khouri

Sydney NSW Australia


I was not very familiar or active on Facebook but as a results of the training I received my business has really taken off! Thanks James for revolutionising my Network Marketing career. You Rock!

Facebook Profile Mastery 8

Erven Kimble

Atlanta USA


Wow, thanks James!! The ABC of Facebook! I’ve spent hours and hours and lots of money on various marketing tools related to FB, but nothing ever helped me to move forward. That was until your FB training. All I do now is just follow your lead as you have everything covered! Thanks again for making my FB journey easy!!! 

Facebook Profile Mastery 9

Sharon Hammond

Sydney NSW Australia


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