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Learn The 7 Skills

Pro Tip: Watch Each Of These Videos 3 – 4 Times.

Whether you are building using online methods like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or you are focusing on offline methods like talking to people you know and meet. These foundational skills are used everywhere.

The better you become with them, the better your results will be.

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Your 7 Skills

Skill 1: The Art Of Prospecting

Be the farmerIt’s about educatingEnjoy the journey

your 7 skills

Skill 2: How To Invite

Have postureBe friendlyBe in a hurry

Your 7 skills

Skill 3: Be The Presenter

The one presenting is making the most moneyPractice Practice PracticeIt’s education

your 7 skills

Skill 4a: The Follow Up Money

The money is in the follow upDo what you said you were going to doBe ready to give them the next exposure

your 7 skills

Skill 4b: The Follow Up – Overcoming Objections

Smile – Don’t be defensiveBe their friendPractice

your 7 skills

Skill 5: The Close – What to say to help them get started

Ask what you likedKnow the questionsBe prepared

Your 7 skills

Skill 6: Get Them Started

Learn to start them correctlyGive them directionKeep it simple

Your 7 skills

Skill 7: Professionals Promote Events

Why are events importantWhat impact do they haveHow do they work to build your business

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