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Learn How To Close

Closing does not seem like the right word to use when you are asking someone to start in business or on the Mannatech products. A better way of explaining it would be to say, you are “Making The Offer”. Watch the videos below to learn how to close…

Note: Understand that this is a 15 – 20 presentations per month for the next 2 – 5 years business… This is your journey to the kind of freedom you have only dreamed of. 

Click Here to download the The Daily Dozen Work Sheet (now called Daily Habits Tracker).

How to Close

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Video 1

The Secrets of Closing

How to Close Script

What did you like about what you just saw?
Tell me more about that
Do you want to make a little or a lot?  Do you want to help a few kids or a lot of kids?
{name} I am speaking to a lot of people right now and one of the benefits of what we do is if you are serious about wanting to get started and build, I will be placing people in your team, obviously I can’t build the business for you, however, if the people come on board that I am speaking to, I will be placing some of them in your team.
I just need to know if you would like to have them in your team and make money from what they do or if you would rather be in theirs so they can make money from you?
Where do you see yourself getting started, at the bottom package that allows you to earn around $500 per month or at the Champion pack that has unlimited income and will get you to what you want faster?

Script Continued…

Do this if they are asking questions. Remember, it is important to follow this Closing strategy, it works:

It sounds like you have a few questions, let me write them down so I can answer all of them for you, what is your first question? (write it down, DO NOT ANSWER IT IMMEDIATELY)
Then say: “what is your next question?” (write it down as well, but DO NOT ANSWER IT IMMEDIATELY)
Then say: “Do you have a 3rd question?” (write it down and DO NOT ANSWER IT IMMEDIATELY
Now say: “OK let me make sure I have all of your questions”, and then repeat them back.
Now say: Is that all of your questions?
If they say “yes” say “great” if they give you another one, write it down, repeat it back to them and ask: “is that correct?”
When they say “yes” say: “{name} before I answer all of these for you, I just need to know something, if I answer all of these for you, and you feel good  and comfortable,  will you be ready to get started with me, helping you to create a wonderful lifestyle so you can (repeat back to them what they want in life for their family etc)?
If they say “no” then just say: “It does not sound like now is the right time for you, and that is OK. I can answer those questions for you but obviously you are not ready so there is no need. Just let me know when you are ready, and I will answer them for you. (DO NOT answer the questions. This is important, otherwise you are seen as convincing)
If they say “yes” say “great”
Answer each question one at a time and at at the end of answer EACH question, ask, “Did that answer that question for you?” DO NOT go to the next question until you have answered the first question.
One you have answered all the questions just say “Great welcome on board and welcome to Mission 5 Million. We are going to have a lot of fun working together, let me just get the correct information from you to get your account set up:
Get their Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, (if in the USA you will need their social security number, if in Canada you will need their Insurance Number)
Then say: Mannatech take Visa, Mastercard and American Express, which would best suits you?”

Video 2

The Script

 Knowing how to professionally close is going to become more and more important, especially when you start presenting to people you don’t know. This Closing Script is the most powerful script we have and is used by all of the leaders.

Video 3

Closing Can Change Your Life

When you learn this script and how to close, everything becomes easier.

Video 4

Be Yourself, Be Real

You don’t have to be anyone else besides yourself when you close. 

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