How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money

Facebook Watch Party

Want to create interest, do something fun and build a community? Facebook Watch Parties allow you to do just that. But how do you host a facebook host party?

You may have heard of a Facebook Watch Party or even seen one happen, however knowing how to host one and make it profitable are two completely different things that every business owner or online marketer needs to know.

When you hold your Facebook watch party correctly, you will have more comments, create a lot of interaction and then convert that interaction into sales.

In this Rise Social Media article, you’ll discover how to host a Facebook watch party inside your Facebook group. Although you can run them on your profile and page, we will cover groups today.

How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 1

First, What Is a Facebook Watch Party?

I cover this in depth in my article What Is A Facebook Watch Party

But the best way to think about a Facebook Watch Party for a business owner/network marketers is to think of a traditional business opening its doors, but before it does they hold a launch or opening party. They invite a bunch of friends over for the launch, give them wine, champaign and nibbles. Then they showcase their products in the hope that those that attend will share with others what they learnt and come back and buy.

This is a new feature for groups, pages and profiles that allows admins to hold a live screening of pre-recorded videos that are publicly available on Facebook. Group members can all watch and comment on the videos at the same time to create a shared viewing experience.

Sounds like fun? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to host a facebook watch party in your own Facebook group.

Pro Tip: The word “Host” is the key. A great host is the deciding factor in whether any party is a success or failure. Decide immediately that you are going to be a great host and that your guests are going to love their experience, so that your guests wont be able to hold back on telling their friends how amazing your party was. Grab my free gift “How to Create A Mind-Blowing Watch Party Your Guests Can’t Stop Talking About”… OK let’s get into how to host a facebook watch party!

1. Create your own group

If you don’t have a Facebook group, then now is the time to start one and start to populate your group with people who have expressed interest in your product or service. Always remember to only add people to a group who are actually interested in what you are providing. You will get a bad name and could have your group shut down if you do not follow this courtesy. No one likes being added to a group without first being asked if they would like to be. Here’s the best way to create a Facebook group for business

How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 2

2. Decide what your Facebook watch party will be about

Again, keep it consistent with the message you are trying to convey in your group. If you want a clear plan on how to throw a watch party, then follow my article on How To Plan A Facebook Watch Party.

Once you decide what you party is going to be about, find the videos you are going to be showing. We recommend short 3 – 5 minute videos that are entertaining and informative. We have some tips on the kinds of videos and how to make your own in Facebook Watch Party Mastery. Make sure these videos are available on a page or profile so that you can share them into your Facebook group and then “save” these videos. This will place the video into your “saved” area on Facebook.

Tip: Remember, your videos must be in a “public” area. They can not be in a private or secret group. This is why having them on a Facebook Page or Facebook Profile is best.

3. Make sure you can see where the “Watch Party button” is

To see whether you have the option to host a watch party, open the page for your Facebook group on desktop and start a new post. You’ll find the Watch Party option among the other options such as Photo/Video, Poll, and Live Video. If you plan to share a series of videos on a particular topic, make that clear in the description box. This information will help group members decide if they’d like to join in.

How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 3

4. Generate Interest for your watch party

Here are some tips that will help you generate interest prior to your watch party:

  • Work out your branding and verbiage of your watch party before you launch it. You want it to be as attractive as you can to get as much interaction as possible.
  • Post in your group announcing when it will take place, and/or promote your watch party outside the group.
  • Learn how to create the perfect headline that grabs attention and makes it attractive for people to join your group for your Watch Party. Grab our free “10 Tips To Crafting The Perfect Headline” ebook. Just click here: CRAFTING THE PERFECT HEADLINE
  • Personally message people you know to invite them to your launch. The script you use is incredibly important. Put some time into this.
  • Have some gifts you can give your guests. (There are some secret strategies you must use to make this work. Watch all of our training on the Facebook Watch Party)
  • Ensure your guests are interacting with your videos and you during the party. Again, this is a must. We can show you how in our Facebook Watch Party Mastery Course we are about to launch. If you want to be on the early bird list, click this link to be added.

5. What to do just before you start your Watch Party

Remember that peoples’ lives get busy and they forget their commitments. Don’t hold that against them; it’s just life. Instead, help them to remember by sending them a little personal message saying “Thank you for saying you will be coming to my launch party. I will see you on there at …. It’s going to be fun and I have some prizes for those coming who participate.”

Also, put up a post inside your group letting people know it’s about to begin.

6. It’s time to start and host a facebook watch party

a. To host a facebook watch party… Open your Facebook Group

  • Click on the area that says “write something” (Facebook may have changed this by the time you read this, it’s the area that you put a post up in your group). It may look like you’re doing a regular update, but before moving to the next stage of starting your watch party, you need to publish the update. You’ll see the pop-up window change to say [your name] Watch Party. Click Post.
How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 3
host a facebook watch party
  • Write your compelling headline for your watch party. (host a facebook watch party)

b. At the moment the “watch party” icon is one of the first things you see

Click that and choose the videos you are going to share. If you followed our instructions above, you will find your videos in the “saved” area

  • Search – Find a video on Facebook
  • Pages – Choose a video from a Facebook page you manage. Your page and pages videos may not show up. If this is the case. Type your page name into the search field. Once you see your page. Click it and then your pages videos will show.
  • Watched – Opt for a video you’ve watched previously.
  • Group – Select a video that’s been uploaded to the group.
  • Live – Choose a live video
  • Saved – Select a video you’ve previously saved:
  • Suggested – Pick from a list of recommended videos.
How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 5
host a facebook watch party
Have you checked our Rise Social Media on Youtube
How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 6
How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 7
host a facebook watch party

You’ll then be greeted by a large black screen that says, “Your watch party is about to begin.”

Next, choose the first video for your group to watch and then click the blue Play Now button to start it. The video will begin playing immediately in your watch party.

After you choose your first video, the options Play Next and Add to Queue become clickable. Click these buttons to add more videos to your queue for watching with your group.

How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 8
host a facebook watch party

7. Control Your Video Sequence

Once your watch party is live, you can add more videos to the watch party queue at any time. You can also fast-forward through parts or skip videos altogether. Remember that when you fast-forward, viewers are seeing what you see. When you skip a video entirely, viewers get a notification that you’ve skipped content.

If you want to change the video currently playingclick Add Video.

Then choose another video from any of the sources mentioned above and click Play Now.

Tip: Do your best to ensure your Watch Party is a success by starting on time and finishing on time. Make sure you know how long each video will go for. It’s best to go short than to go long. If you honour your guests they will honour you.

watch party headline
host a facebook watch party

8. Chat And Connect With Your Viewers in Real Time

There’s a statistic in sales that you need to get back to people within 5 minutes of them asking a question and the longer you leave it, the colder they become. Chatting with them as soon as they comment or message is absolutely the best way to increase your results.

On the right side of the video, you’ll see a panel that shows your watch party playlist at the top. Below that, you’ll find options to add more videos and a chat/comment area. Viewers can comment on the video here in real time as you all watch together. You can also comment and reply. Viewers can react to the video by clicking one of the reactions at the bottom of the screen. Although you can’t create the watch party on mobile yet, group members who are viewing from a mobile device can comment and react accordingly.

watch party guests
host a facebook watch party

9. Start Connecting And Inviting Your Group Friends To Watch With You (this would be my biggest tip for how to host a facebook watch party)

Remember, you are the host and it’s the host’s job to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and receiving what was promised. It’s a party and parties are best with other people! In the bottom-left corner of the screen, you can view which group members are in the party with you. You and your guests appear along the bottom in small avatar circles. Hover over an avatar to see the name of the participant.

How To Host A Facebook Watch Party To Make Money 9
host a facebook watch party

If you want to invite people to join your watch party, click the avatar circle in the far-left corner.

In the Invite Others to Watch window that appears, select which group members you want to invite to your party. If you see a group member you want to join, click the Invite button to the right of their name. That member will then receive a notification inviting them to join the watch party.

Tip: This is the time to remind people that they said yes, they would be “present” for your Facebook Watch Party”. Inviting them and tagging them is a great way to get the party moving. Also tell your people what to do. Again, follow our training on Facebook Watch Party Mastery to turn your parties into an award-winning event. You can also use the search box at the top of this window to find specific people from your community to join in.

10. Go Live With Your Video

When you start your watch party, you will see a video icon on the top right hand side of the watch party that will allow you to go live with your audience. Don’t distract your audience by talking unless your video has no sound. This is a great way for your friends and viewers to see that you are present with them while the watch party is happening.

11. Time To Finish

This is where the real work begins. As they say “The Money Is In The Followup”. Do not leave your guests hanging. They need to be contacted by you and FAST.

Get back to every person as soon as your party is over.

When it’s time for the party to close, click End Party on the right side where your playlist appears. You’ll then see a black screen saying, “Your watch party has ended.”

  • Connect with every person who attended your event and see what they liked about what they saw.
  • Connect with everyone that said they would attend however didn’t.

BIG TIP: At the end of the watch party, you’ll be able to see the attendees, but you can’t see any of the comments. So if you’re asking people to share information, ask them to message you privately because the comments or videos won’t be available for reading or watching later.

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