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Learn How To Prospect In Any Environment

Would you like to know how to sign up more people in less time? 

Prospecting is an art form. The more you practice and analyse your results the better you become and the less work you have to do to get the same results.

The key is knowing what to say and when to say it.

In this training we are going to give you scripts that have been used by leaders for decades that still work. You want to find the one for you, the one you feel good in using. 

Tip: No matter your experience, you should always be wanting to get better. If what you are doing isn’t working, then make a change!

You will learn: 

The 7 steps of prospectingWhat to say and not to sayHow to almost guarantee your prospect will look at the information.How to follow upWhat sets a professional and an amateur apartHow To Prospect Page 2 2


How To Prospect1. Scripts Training2. The Next Level

How to Prospect

Hi ,

Learn the secrets to prospecting like a professional.

In each part of your journey, you are required to learn something new.

Prospecting is just talking to people, the only difference is, when you are speaking to them, you are looking to see if there is anything you can do to help them with your products and or business.

Do not fall into the trap of sell, sell, sell. That does not work.

It is time for you to learn how to prospect professionally and without rejection.

Video 1

How to Get Someone to Turn Up to a Meeting

This information is good not only for getting someone to turn up to a meeting but to also listen to a CD/MP3 that you have handed out to them

Video 2

How to FORM and SIGN

FORM and SIGN are the two most important skills you can learn. They are acronyms for:FORM = Family Occupation Recreation Message

SIGN = Strengths Interests Goals Needs

Video 3

How to Qualify Someone

Believe it or not, not everyone qualifies to be in this business with you. Some people actually qualify themselves OUT of the business.

Video 4

Use the Practice Approach Script

This has been the easiest Prospecting Script for all associates. It is called the “Practice Approach” and it is perfect for just getting started.

Video 5

Handle and Remove Objections

The more professional you become with your home business, the more you will realize most of the objections you receive are easy to overcome and a lot are actually brought on by ourselves.

The good thing about this is we can learn what to say and what not to say to make sure we don’t continue to have those issues.

Video 6

The Simplicity of Prospecting

Prospecting doesn’t have to be hard especially if you put the time into learning the skills necessary.

Video 7

One Person Per Day

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