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Learn How To Prospect In Any Environment

Would you like to know how to sign up more people in less time? 

Prospecting is an art form. The more you practice and analyse your results the better you become and the less work you have to do to get the same results.

The key is knowing what to say and when to say it.

In this training we are going to give you scripts that have been used by leaders for decades that still work. You want to find the one for you, the one you feel good in using. 

Tip: No matter your experience, you should always be wanting to get better. If what you are doing isn’t working, then make a change!

You will learn: 

The 7 steps of prospectingWhat to say and not to sayHow to almost guarantee your prospect will look at the information.How to follow upWhat sets a professional and an amateur apartHow To Prospect 2


How To Prospect1. Scripts Training2. The Next Level

Your Scriptbook


Have Patience

The first lesson every Entrepreneur needs is to have patience


It’s all about Time


Open Up




How to Invite

Video 6

Get Out of There

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they “Hang around” too long. Once the appointment is set, the best thing to do is “Get out of there”.

Video 7

Bonus Material

Video 8

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