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Remember, nothing great is ever accomplished by playing small. 

James Hannan – Rise Social Media

Tried, true, & tested training, for you & your team. 

Build With a System That Allows You to Grow

James Hannan


Guidance every step of the way. 

Social Media Marketing

Rejection Free Marketing

We will teach you how to build your business to minimise rejection & increase results. 

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Online Social
Media Training

Learn how to use social media to build & grow your business online. 

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Management System

Store details, & email your prospects, clients & team. 

Naomi Jo Social Media Management Company owner


Build your business using your phone. 

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Specific groups on Facebook to help you convert your prospects. 

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Professionally built websites for our team to help you generate leads. 

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Be a part of an energetic, life giving team. 

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Travel & Have Fun

Earn incentives that will have you travelling the world & most importantly, having fun. 

What You Can Expect:

James Hannan Storybrand Guide

James Hannan – Rise Social Media

Work directly with me.

Access to my online training platforms.

Access to my online Marketing platforms.

High expectations. Top Results.

The Products

Focus on personal energy.

Focus on Women’s & Men’s health + targeted fat loss. 

Are proprietary & patented, ensuring your business security.

Create exceptional interest when marketing online. 

You will LOVE using them.

100% money back guarantee.