Right Click and press “Save Link As” or “Save as” on the links below to download your MP3s and then put them onto a CD to hand out to people:

How to use CD’s effectively:
CD’s are a prospecting tool, they are something that is tangible and has value, however they only have value if you give them value. If you don’t place any value on them, no one else will either.

Key things to do and say:

  1. Tell them what to do with it: “Put this in your car CD player and listen to it on the way home,  I will call you tonight”
  2. Confirm they will listen to it: “So if I give you this CD, you will listen to it won’t you? I only have a few.”
  3. Set a time for follow up: “Listen to this CD before the conference call tonight, I will call you at ??? to bring you onto the live call” or “Let’s catch up tomorrow at ??? and I will get the CD back. Make sure you listen to it in the car before then.”
  4. Hand out 3 per day.

Dr Steve Nugent: Why I joined Mannatech and the Opportunity I saw:

  • Why Dr Nugent joined Mannatech and the opportunity we all have.


Product Training

  • (Recommended) This training is for all associates/Business Partners to learn about Mannatechs core products. It is the perfect resource to play in the car. Download and create your own CD


  • This training is for your product prospect or new client. Perfect to help them see and understand why our products are so important


M5M Social Entrepreneur Opportunity CDs – These are incredible CDs to hand out.


For Business Prospects (Does not include Social Entrepreneur or Mission 5 Million, that is coming)

  • Freedom It’s Your Right Opportunity CD:


For Osolean Prospects:

  • The Fatloss Conspiracy CD:


Health CD (incredible testimony by Ben Carson)

  • Ben Carson Health CD:


Old Church Service Sam Caster Company Testimony – This would have to be one of the best CDs I have ever heard