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"I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was I needed help and something to work. I took the training Rise Social Media gives and all I can say is it worked so well that I am booked up 5 weeks in advance.
Their training works, get it!"
Chris Stone ... Club Detail Owner

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"Rise Social Media truly do deliver in removing overwhelm, helping people make their business look professional, and increase sales. Naomi and James have answered every question I had regarding Facebook and in doing so opened a whole new world to me.

There is a market out there to be tapped into, and this course is the stepping stone. Honestly there is so much value in this course, that is affordable to everyone willing to invest in their business.
Two thumbs up, high fives, fist bumps and all that good stuff.

Naomi and James are real, they're down to earth, and they share all the ins and outs and nitty gritty, and they do with with so much flair and fun.
Thanks guys I appreciate you both."
Christine Koenig...Home Entrepreneur

christine koenig

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You want to be a successful entrepreneur and learn how to market and sell online. You have two options, choose which one best suits you!  

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The 7 E's Of Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Success!

This is the most important training you will have available to you.
The questions you have about what to post on your social media platforms will be answered. 
Download your 7E's eBook and Social Media Planner.

The 7 E's Of Marketing

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Never Wonder What To Post

Never feel the sense of overwhelm and confusion because you don't know what to post!

Increase Interaction

Your posts will be better and you will increase interaction with your clients!

More Sales

Learn how to post in a way that attracts potential clients to you and make more sales!

Facebook Profile Marketing
Learn How To Market Your Profile Through Facebook!

Your profile is the most important component of your social media marketing program. You need to get this right. People are searching for you and it needs to be congruent with your business message!

Build Your Brand

Build your brand through your Facebook Profile.  People are searching for you, make them LOVE what they see.


Attract high quality qualified leads to your business and products through positioning your Facebook Profile correctly.


Knowing what to say to your prospects in messenger changes everything. Learn a  scripts template that will help you build your customer base.

Facebook Profile Mastery

Social Media Courses 3

Facebook Pages Marketing
Use Your Facebook Business Page To Make More Sales!

Facebook Pages Mastery

Social Media Courses 4

Correct Page Setup

Most page owners get this wrong. Follow the simple step by step process that will make your page a lead magnet.


Learn how to use your Facebook Page to generate leads and create a hive activity around your brand.

Basic Ads Training 

Start using Facebook Ads manager to generate leads for your business and make sales. Retargeting your visitors.

What You Get As Part Of Your Membership!

Facebook Bot Automation

Social Media Courses 5

Facebook Stories Mastery

Social Media Courses 6

Facebook Lives Mastery


Facebook Profile eBook

Social Media Courses 7

Exclusive Facebook Community

Get more people to watch your facebook watch party

Exclusive Weekly Webinar

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