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It's not meant to be this way...

Are you struggling with your hairdressing career!

If you're like over 60% of hairdressers and stylists you love hairdressing but you wake up each morning dreading going to work. 

It's Time For A Change

You Don't Have To Live In The City To Have An Incredible Lifestyle

Apply now and see if this is your new work home.

Simply click the "Apply Now" button and follow the instructions.

Here's What You Do Now!

Follow These Steps:

Find your new work home.


Simple click the "Apply Button" and fill in your details


We will send you a time to talk and you can tell us all about you. Your skills, talents and goals.

Find Your New Work Home

You join a fun, professional and dynamic team who are wowing their clients.

Where you could work


We have two locations that are growing rapidly. 


Both of the Outpost Hair locations are growing rapidly. 

Outpost Hair Bellingen

Step 1

41 Hyde Street 

Bellingen, NSW 2454

T: +61 2 6655 0315

Outpost Hair Moonee Beach

Step 2

Moonee Market

Moonee Beach Rd 
Moonee Beach, NSW 2450


T: +61 2 5606 3269

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