Powerful Twitter Applications

Which Twitter Applications should you use?

Powerful Twitter Applications 1

Here are our top Twitter apps

Personally I love anything that will make my life easier, especially twitter applications. The ones I use are not free, however they work when you know how to use them.

Below you will find my list of Twitter Applications that have made marketing on twitter so much easier for me:

  1. StatusBrew: I love Status brew for helping me find new people to follow and thank the ones that follow me. It is my twitter follower tool of choice
  2. TweetJukeBox: is awesome for automating your tweets. It is a must for every twitter marketer.
  3. Bitly Link Shortener: When you only have a small amount of letters you can use in your micro post, and you want to share an article, then bitly is a God send.
  4. Self Hosted WordPress Site: Because for me personally, my followers are looking for valuable content, I needed a place to bring that content, having a personal blog is important, it’s not for everyone though. So don’t rush into this, as you will need to develop a lot of skills and give it a lot of time in writing articles and content etc.
  5. GetResponse: For my autoresponder company, I personally use GetResponse. I like them because it allows me to work with my team easier and share my pre-written emails with them, so they don’t have to go out there and write a heap of stuff themselves.

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