Popular documents for Quick Reference:

  • The Fast Start Guide – for New business builders this is very important. Potentially make your first $1,000 in your first 12 weeks. Click here to download.


  • How to Use The Fast Start Guide – would you like to know exactly How to Use the Fast Start Guide? This is the document for you. You will then know what to do and say on each page. So easy. Click here to download.


  • The Customer Service Program – It’s no good spending all of that time getting new clients only to lose them the very next month because you didn’t know how to look after them. This document includes the questions to ask, how to start, what to do, and how to keep your clients. Build a thriving customer base that will pay you forever. Click here to download.


  • The Presidential Development Guide, Up to Senior National – This document is a guide for those levels up to Senior National. One of the most powerful guides to help you keep focused on where to build and who the leaders are in your business. It is a 2 column document to help keep track of your genealogy. If you fill up one, then just download another and keep filling in the blank spaces. Click here to download.


  • The Presidential Development Guide, for Senior National and Above – Has your Upline said NOW is the time for you add your third team/leg? If so, this is the document for you. To use this document you will be at LEAST a Senior National Director. Click here to Download.




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