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small business website design

It shouldn’t be hard for you to get a small business website design that will work… but for too many businesses it is!

Avoid These 3 Small Business Website Designs Most Designers Make

You’ve decided it’s time to start getting serious about your small business website design.

You have a small business but you want it to be a big one. You know that you need a website that looks as professional as the vision you have for your business, it needs to generate leads and help you make sales. 

You’ve started looking at your competitions websites and you’re not impressed but you know they’re doing the same as you, they’re deciding it’s time to get serious about their small business website design and they’re looking for answers. 

The big question for small business website design is “what’s a good website?”

  • Is it one that looks great and you can see the products easily?
  • Should it have beautiful photos?
  • What about video, is that important?
  • And what about one of those things that pops up on the screen that you hate so much but everyone seems to have, do you really need that? 

When It Comes to Small Business Website Design These Are Important Questions

It can be frustrating and make you feel overwhelmed at the thought and a big part of you just wants to go do something else rather than spend more time and money on your website, however you know you need to do something right now so you don’t get left behind. 

It’s ok, you’re not alone. I want you to know that most small business owners who start to look into small business website design feel the same.

It shouldn’t be that hard for you to get your small business website designed in a way that looks great, generates leads and helps you make sales. 

What Makes It Easier?

Don’t worry though, it does get easier when you have a StoryBrand Framework to work with and you get some direction.

It’s one of the reasons we wrote this article to help you know what your small business website design should look like so that when you’re talking to a designer about your new website you will feel empowered with the knowledge of what your site should and shouldn’t have.

Avoid these 3 mistakes of small business website design and follow this template and it will be a lot easier on you.

1. Make what you do clear

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make on their website is their messaging isn’t clear. You could go to their website and be totally confused about the product they sell and what it is they actually do. 

They use big flowery words that are supposed to mesmerise the reader, however all they end up doing is causing confusion and repelling the customer. 

If you own a cafe, then your website should be easy for a person to see you own a cafe and serve coffee, food etc If you create software for a certain niche, it should be easy for your prospective client to understand that you create software for a certain niche. 

Avoid the big words, most people pretend to understand what you’re talking about when you start using words that are higher than an 8th grade education. I know that may sound astounding but it’s true. The best way of understanding this is think about yourself, when someone is talking to you about something and they’re using words that make them sound intelligent, how does that make you feel and what does it make you want to do? RUN AWAY… right. 

Now think about that for your small business website design.

Be clear with what you do, make it easy to understand and this one point alone will get you more leads and more sales. 

2. Tell your customer the problem you will help them overcome. 

I know it sounds simple right, but most small business website design miss the mark when it comes to helping their client understand how they will help them overcome their problem and show them what life will be like for them after they do business with you.

 Imagine this for a moment. You have two websites, both sell a similar product. Website A just has the information about the product and the price, however website B has the problem the product overcomes and paints a picture of what life will be like for the client once they buy it. 

Which business is going to get the lead and make the sale? 

Of course Website B.

Here’s the trick to making your small business website design work for you. Its the: 

“Words you use”

No one ever buys a product or invests in a service until they read or hear the words that helps them make that buying decision.

This is why when you are designing your website, don’t just get a great website designer, invest in a great copywriter. Someone who understands the psychological triggers that makes someone buy. A good copywriter will pay for themselves 100 fold. 

3. Make it easy for a person to do business with you. 

You’re probably sitting there thinking, what does he mean? When a person comes to your website, is it obvious the step you want them to take?  

It’s called the buy now, shop now, schedule a call button and it needs to be more prevalent than you realise. 

Many business owners are afraid that if they have the “buy now” button or whatever the action is they want their customer to take in too many places that they will scare the prospect away, but in fact it’s the opposite. 

Customers are coming to your site to do business with you. Whether it’s straight away or in the future, they’re looking and getting ready. This is why you need to make it easy for them to do business at the right time. 

You want your button to be in the middle of the first section of your website and up in the top right hand corner. This way it follows the direction of the eye as it scans your site. 

But what about for the person who isn’t ready to buy yet? 

You have something for them as well. It’s called a transitional call to action. This may be a ebook giveaway, a video or something else you would like to give your prospect to keep them interested in who you are.


Now that you understand 3 of the biggest mistakes of small business website design and how to fix them, it’s time to get your site designed and built. You can either do it yourself or you can hire a company like ours that understands the intricacies of building a site that gets you leads and helps you make sales. 

Yes there are another 4 things that are important, but if you start with these 3, you will be way ahead of your competition.

We hope this helps you create a better website for your business.

Of course we are here to help you. If you need help and want a quote, get in contact and we will help you create a website you will love and so will your clients.

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