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Learn How To Build Your Brand, Get More Leads & Grow Your Customer Base At This Coffs Harbour Social Media Training Event – Focused On Facebook Marketing!

Receive training from business owners not just trainers, who have actually done what you are trying to do, not trainers who have just attended a course and never run a business. This Coffs Harbour Social Media Training event is for all business owners wanting to create real results quickly using Facebook!

Thank you Fiona from Coffs City Council!

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Dear Coffs Coast Business Owner,

RE: The Coffs Coast Social Media Training Event is taking registrations. Limited Seats so register now.


Receive real knowledge you can take away immediately and start increasing your results with your facebook marketing

Whether you are a small to medium business owner, Network Marketer, Home Entrepreneur or a budding entrepreneur who is just looking for a business to get off the ground. This Social Media Training event being held in Coffs Harbour August 17th, 2019 is for you.

1.5 hours of jam packed quality information taken from real life experience given to you to help you form a strategy that works and creates real results.

James Hannan and Naomi Joy come with over 20 years experience each in running successful businesses. They will be sharing their experiences both good and bad at the Coffs Coast Social Media Training event.

They will show you how to avoid the pit falls that many entrepreneurs fall into, some never to return and give you strategies for growth.


3 Strategies To Save Time, Create Customers & Make Money On Social Media.

Step 1

We use these strategies nearly every day in our businesses. They’re not theory, you will be able to start implementing them immediately.

Register NowSub textHow To Integrate Your Business On The Worlds No. 1 Social Media Platform

Step 2

Starting to use Facebook as part of your businesses marketing portfolio can be a daunting task. This event is designed to make it less daunting and more exciting.

Register NowSub textWhy Size Doesn’t Matter On Social Media But The Way You Use It Does.

Step 3

Don’t get caught up in the hype of the “big brands” thinking you need to have hundreds of thousands of followers. You don’t need hundreds of thousands, you just need the right ones.

Register NowSub text

Why You Should Register For The Coffs Harbour Social Media Training Event

Coffs Harbour has grown and will continue to grow rapidly, especially with the appeal of its beautiful beaches backdropped with gorgeous mountains and wonderful people.

We should know, we live here. Even though we travel all over the world to train business owners on Social Media and business development Coffs Harbour is our base and the Coffs Coast is growing in population and opportunity.

As the economy diversifies so does the type of person living in this region. Once seen as a place to relax and retire, it’s now become a haven for the entrepreneur and creativity which means it’s a place that is set to take its position as one of this countries best not so secret, secrets.

With over 75,000 people living in the area and a growing socio economic base

Did you know :

Coffs Harbour City’s Gross Regional Product is estimated at $3.39 billion, which represents 0.6% of the state’s GSP (Gross State Product).

At 0.6% it may not seem like a lot when you compare it to the state, however when you look at the AMOUNT $3.39 billion, then that should tell you that there is money here and the Coffs Harbour Social Media Mastery Course can help you get your piece.

There are 5,844 Local Businesses & 31,167 employees. That means a lot of people who could be looking for your product and/or service and they have money to spend.

Register Now

Time is running out for the Coffs Harbour Social Media Training Event until this event is full. Seats are limited to provide the best experience for our attendees.

When: Saturday August 17th 2019

Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

GET YOUR EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION NOW FOR ONLY $47Less Than 20 Seats Left Don’t Miss Out!Coffs Coast Social Media Training

It’s Time To Put A Plan Together For Your Social Media Marketing…This Is Your First Step!

If you stop worrying about the short game, and understand the bigger picture.. you’re going to crush your competition and be able to adapt to the new age of marketing just fine.


Don’t Become A Statistic

I know you maybe feeling

Overwhelmed & Disillusioned.Like Social Media is only for the younger generation.That it’s all too hard.Does it really matter to your bottom line.

Become A Success Story Instead

You’re An Entrepreneur

Allow yourself to see the opportunity.Learn the secrets.Get excited, your business can grow.Increase your revenue and find a new source of customers.


Social Media Training For Coffs Harbour

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Proven strategies that work. Directions on what to do and not to do.Real life success stories from people who are using this training and how.Tips on your branding that will have you standing out from the crowd.

$369 Value, available for…

Just $47.00 Today


Why is the price so low?

We train all over the world and have found that business owners are bombarded with new bright and shiny objects every single day.

We want to prove to you that Social Media can help you and your business grow its market share, increase your bottom line and help you achieve in highly competitive environments.

Then next time we are in town holding an event, you wont have any doubt in your mind, you will just HAVE to turn up and bring friends with you..

We are playing the long game and we hope you are as well.

Allow us to give you the secrets we have used to develop 3 multiple 6 figure income businesses using Social Media.

James & Naomi

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