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Are you looking for...

A way to build a business of your own using social media?
Community, fun and friendship, and a place to belong?
Training and support that’s available to you when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Opportunities to travel the world and not have to worry about money?
Purpose, something that will drive you from your heart?

Team Rise is for...

People wanting to enjoy life and do something fun and rewarding. 
Leaders wanting a way to build a long lasting and profitable career. 
Mums wanting a way to work for themselves from home. 
Dads wanting to be available more and stop missing those important events.
Budding entrepreneurs wanting something of their own that they can grow personally. 

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With Team Rise you have access to the most advanced training in Mannatech anywhere. We highly recommend the “Professional Plan”, however, if you are just wanting the basics, go ahead and sign up for the “Basic Membership”.


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What makes Team Rise so different?

Team Rise is a group of committed home entrepreneurs who are building their businesses professionally & at high speed. 

They understand with 21st century technology that business can be done differently and at a speed never seen before in the Home Business Industry. 

We use Social Media as a way to attract the perfect customer and grow relationships while not forgetting the power and importance of getting together to build the one to one relationship.

Our team is made up of corporate executives, home mums & dads, traditional business owners, doctors, physios, naturopaths, students and more. 

It doesn’t matter your background, what matters is your passion and desire for change. 

Our Philosophy

Build people, build relationships and help them achieve their dreams. The more people we help achieve their dreams the more of your dreams you will achieve. 

You have your own strengths, talents and abilities. Take those and build something of your own, something you can be proud of, something that will give you a legacy and a wonderful future. 

You are not here by chance, you are here on purpose, you have a reason that you were willing and wanting to check us out. It might be because you are ready for a change, wanting something more or life has forced you to look and act. Whatever it is, you are in the right place. 

You matter, you’re not a mistake and neither are your dreams. This is the place where you get to fullfil your dreams. Your skills can be used to build something of your own and we will help you do it. 

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