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The A Team has one of the most comprehensive systems on the planet. Everything you will ever need to know to build your business is right at your fingertips or just a phone call away.

The most important part of our system is this area. The Script, Questionnaire, Presentation and Close/Offer. Each area has one of these whether it be Weightloss, Wellness, Anti Ageing or Business.

The “Flow” of these programs all work the same.

  1. Learn to use the script (they are all very similar and work)
  2. Learn to use the questionnaire EVERY time, no exceptions.
  3. Know how to give a presentation or show them one.
  4. Use the Close/Offer to get started.

To help you understand how to use the systems, we have put together this training and we will use the Osolean (Weight Loss) system as our example.

Please take the time to watch this training in the “Sub Menu” to this area. You will also see all the other programs to the left, we do not have a video training on each of them, because the system is the same  for all of them. So just watch the training on the left on how to use the systems.


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