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Understanding How to use The Dual Networkers Funnel

Watch The Videos Below

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]One of the most unique and yet powerful components of our team, The Dual Networkers is the funnel we use. How we get a prospect and then the process we use to take them from being a prospect to being a client/business partner.

It is important for you to watch these videos and understand this process.

Please Note: The examples I use here are for the Osolean system that has now been replaced by TruHealth. The product is not important, the process is. [/text_block]

Video 1: Understand the funnel

Watch this explanation of the Dual Networking Funnel. Once you understand this, everything else will become so much easier.



Video 2: The Script

In this video you hear the Script and how we use it. The format of the script remains the same no matter what you are promoting, whether it is product, or business. This script has been used by team members all over the world and it works. Put the time into learning it and you will find incredible results will come your way.


Video 3: What marketing material to use

Now that we have the Dual Networking App: http://app.app.dualnetworking.com/app this has replaced the CD, however again, the process is the same.



Video 4: The Questionnaire

When anyone is not getting results with this system, we generally bring it back to this step. They normally leave it out. EVERY leader within our team, will tell you how important the questionnaire is. It helps your prospects have a “emotional connection” with the reason they want the product/business. Each system has their own questionnaire.


Video 5: Create the Team

Learn how to develop your team using this system. A must watch video for those who want results and a thriving business.


Final Video: FAQs

If you have questions then this video is for you. Again though please get back to your support line if you need anything further.






How to give your testimony

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]What not to do:
Don’t use disease claims
Use symptoms not disease names
Don’t use income claims

Here are the ways to start new sentences in your testimony: (these points below help you cover the “Dream – Struggle – Victory”
Prior to….
I was….
I didn’t know what to do…..
I had tried….
Since getting started on/at/with…..
I have….
I feel….

I would recommend these products to anyone.

See examples in Dual Networking files section


Product testimony:

Prior to getting started on the mannatech products, I was really struggling with low energy, aching joints and I always seemed to get a bad flu through out winter.

I was not sure what to do and was getting more and more depressed.

I had tried so many things, from different vitamins and minerals, to seeing naturopaths and even taking those toxic chemicals that the doctors give, but nothing worked.

Since getting started on (say the product) Ambrotose, Bounceback and NutriVerus everything has turned around. I have more energy, I sleep better and now if I get any symptoms of a flue etc I just take a heap more Ambrotose and i dont get the flu.

I feel amazing and would recommend these products to anyone.

Business testimony:

Prior to getting started with Mannatech I was working long hours, in a job I didn’t like and our finances were not good.

I didn’t know what I could do to get more money, I thought about a second job but I knew it wouldn’t give me freedom.

I had tried looking for another job, looking at different businesses and even joined one or two but nothing worked for me and I just couldn’t put my heart into it.

Since getting started with Mannatech and following their system it has been amazing.

I have a bunch of people who are prepared to help and support me, the training and system is amazing and I feel like I finally have something I can do that I love.

(If you have made any money or won an incentive put that in as well) I am now a (leadership level) and have earned an all expenses paid trip to…

I believe anyone can do this business and would recommend it to anyone.