About Rise Social Media

Helping Businesses Create Sales Funnels That Generate Leads, Make Sales And Grow Their Businesses Using The StoryBrand Framework

About Rise Social Media

The Coffs Harbour Marketing Agency Working With Clients All Over The World To Build Marketing Funnels That Generate Leads, Make Sales & Grow Their Businesses Using The StoryBrand Framework

At Rise Social Media we know that you want to be a successful business owner with a website and online marketing funnel that is generating leads, making sales and growing your business while you sleep. 

In order to do that, you need a website design that takes your client on a transformational journey where the only option is to buy your product or service, an email campaign that keeps you front of mind of your customer and a social media marketing campaign that builds your brand and is the envy of your competition. 

The problem is finding a website designer who knows how to create a marketing funnel that actually generates leads and makes sales is very hard. Most have a lot of theoretical knowledge but very little practical experience. 

This makes you feel overwhelmed and like you are being left behind by your competition. 

We believe you shouldn't be left behind and that you should be able to grow your business by building a marketing funnel that generates leads and makes sales.

We understand the frustration and concern you feel about being left behind, which is why we created Rise Social Media and became StoryBrand Guides. 

Here’s how we do it: 

1. Schedule a call.

2. A Plan is put in place designed for your needs.

3. Your business starts to generate leads and grow, even while you're asleep. 

So schedule a call now. And in the meantime grab a copy of our 17 Facebook Post ideas for Entrepreneurs. 

So you can stop being left behind by your competition and losing sales and instead build your brand, grow your business and develop a marketing funnel that works.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

About 1

Colleen Ryan

Kinesiologist Priority Wellness
Cambridge NZ

Growing my business to the next level means being able to connect with more people who are looking for the exact product and service that I have to offer. James & Naomi's help in being able to understand and use social media to engage the right kind of people has been a powerful and essential ingredient, thanks James & Naomi.

Simone Saunders

Personal Trainer, Simones Aqua Fitness

Sawtell NSW Australia

"Social Media training with Naomi and James has been stress free and easy to follow.  There is no pressure to understand it all in one go. I can work at my own pace"

simone saunders

About Naomi Joy

Naomi started her working career as a teacher but soon the call for business took hold of her. She owned 2 Oshkosh B’Gosh franchises in Parramatta and Miranda Westfields for 7 years and found her passion for branding and marketing

Naomi found that branding wasn’t just in the logo but in everything they did from customer service, how they answered the phone, how they greeted the customer, the way they marketed the product, the atmosphere in the shop, the merchandising, the way they made the customer feel, the way they made the children feel, the way the clothing was wrapped in special tissue paper even down to the way we handed the bag to the customer. EVERYTHING was about the brand we were creating!

Very quickly her shops topped the leadership boards for all of the Oshkosh shops in Australia. Her ability to lead a team successfully, create a brand that people wanted to be part of and her unique, innovative  ways to market, led to fast business growth and success. She often wishes she knew what she knows about social media back then and it would have gone to even greater heights!!

After taking time away from business to raise a family, running two shops was not very conducive to raising a young family, she returned to her love of business but this time starting a business from home 8 years ago. Initially knowing NOTHING about Facebook and not even getting on it very much, she threw herself into learning about it because she could see the potential it would have for marketing and growing a business. 

Naomi has created many successful brands and has helped many others do the same. She has also trained hundreds of people to use social media to grow an online presence and close sales using Facebook. 

Her business is now in 5 countries and she has received multiple awards for business development and growth. Naomi is a much sought after speaker and trainer, she has recently been on a speaking tour through Europe, to train other entrepreneurs in business and social media strategies. 

Naomi is excited to start Rise Social Media to help rise up entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and vision for their life and business. 

James Hannan

James has a true love of the sales process. Knowing when to ask questions, when to shut up and when to invite the person to purchase. 

“When I first started in my sales career, I learnt quickly to work hard on relationships. I made a decision that I liked everyone and it was up to them to change my mind.” … 

This way of thinking took James from a humble job at a hardware store which he started after he left school to running a the sales team for a public company. 

James was 26 when the entrepreneurial bug really hit him. He started a part time business from home while working his full time job. Getting up early and finishing late was all part of his life while at the same time managing being a dad of two beautiful little girls. 

Within a few short years of working his part time business his income was over 1 1/2 times that of his corporate salary. In this time he was learning the difference from being an employee running someone else’s business to having his own.

Now that small part time business is in 5 countries around the would with a vision to take it too many more. 

James has a Martial Arts business in his home town Moonee Beach, a suburb of Coffs Harbour. His knowledge of online & offline marketing, filled his classes within months of opening. James has to regularly close enrolments off for classes due to demand and because of his passion to ensure his students receive quality instruction. 

James has learnt that you never get to where you want to go alone. There are always people who help you along the way. He had it with his part time business and with his Martial Arts studio. Mentors are important. He has them and he believes everyone should. 

James's vision with Rise Social Media is to help business owners all over the world Rise and be all they can be. With breakthrough marketing, coaching and vision. 

Giving Entrepreneurs Social Media Solutions

No matter your size, budget, experience or time, Rise Social Media can help you improve your results. Simple, fast and effective strategies that work.

Small to Medium Business Owners:
Remove the "noise" that is happening in the Social Media realm. James & Naomi have both had experience in running their own small businesses and know what works and what doesn't. They focus on Customer Acquisition, Retention and growing funnels of prospective clients.  

Find out how you can leverage social media to build your brand in cost effective and time productive ways. You don't need hundreds of thousands of followers. You just need the right ones.

Learn how to stand out from your competition then find, attract and convert your perfect prospect into a customer.

Network Marketers:
You CAN build a business online, we are proof. James has over 21 years experience in Network Marketing as a top income earner and producer. YOU WILL learn how to combine both online and offline strategies to build a brand, attract your perfect customer and grow a team. Naomi will show you how she has used online branding to build a global empire and speak all over the world. 

We will reveal the secrets that Network Marketers use to grow their businesses online and create true freedom.

Home Entrepreneurs:
Learn how to build your brand, create a page and use your profile to attract the kind of customer you are looking for. Don't get stuck not knowing what to do and wasting your valuable time.

Learn the time and emotional management strategies Home Entrepreneurs use to manage all aspects of working from home including keeping up with the family while running a business from home.

Budding Entrepreneurs:
Haven't started in business yet but looking for an idea on what to do? Rise Social Media Events is the perfect place to get inspiration, direction and understanding. Learn who you are, what inspires you and how to market your passion.

Get your foundation right and then step into your vision.

Executive In Charge Of Social Media Marketing: 
It's tough staying on top of everything and knowing exactly what to do to generate the best ROI for your employer. These events are the perfect place to learn how to put together a marketing strategy that works. Something that will get quick results. Accelerate what you are doing and build invaluable skills that will have your employer smiling with the increase you are able to bring.