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Coffs Harbour SEO | Search Engine Optimisation Services for the Coffs Coast Region.

Get on the first page of Google and use the power of story to sell!


Optimise your website to reach more of your perfect clients.


Get the right offers on your site to build your list.


Have a site that does most of the selling for you.

Showing up on the front page of Google for both local and organic SEO in Coffs Harbour with a website that will convert visitors to customers shouldn’t be hard.

Your business deserves a website and marketing strategy that will get you on the front page of Google and convert the traffic you generate. Our Coffs Harbour SEO team can help you.

Choosing the wrong Coffs Harbour SEO team to help you get your business on the front page of Google will cost you money.

If you don’t treat Search Engine Optimisation seriously and employ a Coffs Harbour SEO team who know how to help generate traffic and convert leads you’re leaving a lot to chance…

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You don’t have to be left behind by your competition or have a website that doesn’t convert. Our Coffs Harbour SEO Agency can help your business get found, create a website that generates leads and a marketing funnel that converts those leads into buyers.

SEO services are a big investment and you want get it right.

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I know you want to grow your business and you’re looking for a Coffs Harbour SEO Agency to help you rank on the front page of Google.

That’s why we don’t just focus on getting you on the front page of Google and moving up the ranks, we also help you convert your visitors to leads and your leads to sales.

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Coffs Harbour Website Designers and StoryBrand Guides James Hannan & Naomi Joy

Over 15 years experience in SEO

Full Service Agency

Based right here in Coffs Harbour

StoryBrand Guides

Shopify Partners

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Schedule A Call

Let’s talk and get to know your goals and where you want to take your business. Everyone is different and you deserve a marketing strategy that’s as individual as you are.

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Plan created, implemented and succeeds

We create your plan after an in-depth SEO analysis. After you approve it, we get to work and you start to achieve the success we spoke about.

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Enjoy the success

There’s nothing like having a website and Coffs Harbour SEO strategy that’s working for you even while your sleeping or enjoying a holiday.

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Social Media SEO Strategy - Our NUMBER 1 Requested service

The mistake most business and Coffs Harbour SEO agencies make is that they forget about social media. Mainly because they don’t understand it. Not only is there an opportunity for SEO in the search engines, but there’s also an opportunity in Social Media. We can optimise your Social Media to ensure you receive the biggest results from your social media efforts. Our unique and exclusive Social Media will drive traffic and create sales…There’s a reason this service is our NUMBER 1 requested service

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Local Coffs Harbour SEO | Google Maps | Google My Business

Your customers are looking for you and your business on google maps and google business. The problem is you’re not there. This is costing your money. We understand it can be hard to figure out how to show up. Don’t worry we’ve got you… If you’re a local business dealing with local clients, you have to show up, it’s important, and we’ll make it happen.

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Google Search

Have a product or service that isn’t just sold locally right here in Coffs Harbour but is sold Nationally and Internationally? That’s where Google Search finds its place for your website. Have your products, services and articles showing up on the front page and driving traffic to your site.

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Article Writing

Content is KING. Your site needs content and not just any kind of content. It needs to be well written, formatted and speak directly to your client. It has to meet their need and bring a solution. Our team of content writers are all professionally trained and developed by our team of StoryBrand Guides. When we incorporate our article writing with our Social Media and Funnel strategy the sky is the limit for your results.

Imagine what it will be like having a website that continually generates traffic and converts leads, it’s almost like a licence to print money.

Let’s put together a Coffs Harbour SEO strategy and a website that will convert to make it a reality.

Generate leads on auto pilot

With our Coffs Harbour SEO agency, your business starts to rank for more and more niche keywords. You are targeting your perfect client and generating leads because your service is exactly what they’re looking for.

Open up more opportunities

We work together to look for new opportunities and help you take advantage of the ones you already have. You will learn what your clients are looking for and be able to create products and services designed base on those needs.

Make more sales

Your website is designed using the StoryBrand Framework. This means when a client comes to your site they will be drawn in and will come to one logical conclusion that they should be doing business with you.

Have more people come to your business

If it’s foot traffic your business needs, then local SEO in Coffs Harbour is exactly what you want. We help you get found on Google Maps and Google my business for those all-important local searches.

Grow your business and brand

Become the “go-to business” for your product and service. When you establish a strong SEO presence in Coffs Harbour you are seen as a reputable business. When you combine it with a website that speaks directly with the client then your client feels as though “You get me”.

Enjoy the feeling of success

At the moment Coffs Harbour SEO is untapped, it’s an opportunity for you to grow and establish a name fast. There’s nothing like the feeling that comes from having a business that is continuing to grow and thrive.

Make your business more secure

One of the biggest challenges a business faces is the ability to “keep up, generate leads and make sales”. When you are generating traffic and leads on a regular basis it brings a sense of security because you know that each day you will have new prospective clients asking about your products and services.

Finally, understand the freedom that comes from a growing business

Everything you do online is about one thing…growing your business. A Coffs Harbour SEO strategy helps you do this. When your business grows you have the freedom to hire other people to do the things you don’t need to do. You can finally enjoy the freedom for which you started your business.

Everyone has moved online and you can no longer leave your digital marketing strategy to chance or your competition is going to leave you behind.

It’s time to work with a Coffs Harbour SEO Agency that can make generating leads and converting customers a breeze.

Be careful of the SEO lie that getting onto the front page of Google is enough… It’s NOT! It doesn’t matter how good your Coffs Harbour SEO is or how much traffic you get to your site if your site doesn’t convert any of it.

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What you get from our Coffs Harbour SEO Agency Team

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Initial Audit

Every SEO campaign starts with an in-depth review of your website. We review where you are now, audit existing content, identify gaps, and create a scalable site architecture.

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Keyword Research

We’ll use keyword research tools and your website data to assess which keywords are most important for your business. Keyword selection is driven by ROI – not just traffic.

SEO Coffs Harbour 12

Competitor Analysis

Keep your friends close and your competition closer. The goal is to get a panoramic view of what you’re up against and how you can get to where you want to be.

SEO Coffs Harbour 13

Content Creation

Once we’ve defined your competition and target keywords, it’s time to get to work. New content is added and new pages are added in order to improve your SERP visibility.

SEO Coffs Harbour 14

On Page Optimisation

Around 20% of your SEO success is determined by on-page optimisation. We’ll take steps to improve load speed, metadata, images, internal link structure, and site architecture.

SEO Coffs Harbour 15

Link Building

We’ll audit your existing link profile, disavow negative or toxic links and implement a white-hat link building strategy to build your website authority and increase rankings.

SEO Coffs Harbour 16

Ongoing Content Strategy

Content creation is the key to SEO success. We’ll build and curate a content calendar that will form the basis of your organic content marketing campaign.

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Reporting & Tracking

We’re motivated by your ROI. We’ll deliver monthly reports that track your keyword rankings, organic visibility, website analytics and optimise your site accordingly.

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