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Everyone knows organic reach is declining, however Facebook Stories are increasing!

The market has grown numb to the old forms of advertising. Even Facebook Ads takes a lot of work to get noticed and without the right training or a marketing agency to help them, most fail!

Your potential clients are not paying any attention, they spend more time scrolling than actually looking. If you don't find a way to get in front of them you will be left behind thinking about what you should have and could have done.

Do You Feel Like:

You are spending too much time without seeing results?

You have no idea what to post for your Facebook Story?

You have no idea what is actually going to work to achieve your goals?

You're overwhelmed and you wish it would all just go away?

You are being left behind and your competition is going to leave you in their dust?

Here's What Others Are Saying About Facebook Stories Mastery

You're Meant To Succeed, You Just Need The Right Training!

Grow your confidence as an online marketer

by equipping yourself with knowledge & skill.

Become a brand people remember

through stories that speak to your client.

Get more visitors

to your website, blog, pages, products and groups.

Remove the sense of overwhelm

with clarity comes peace.

Increase your audience

because people will want to see your stories.

Make more sales

as you learn how to create story steps & flows.
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“I get a constant stream of leads through Facebook Stories, that’s why I HAD to share my strategies with you”
Naomi Joy
creator of Facebook Stories Mastery

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Introduction To Facebook Stories

Introduction To
Facebook Stories

In this module we discuss what Facebook Stories are really about, what's their purpose, why they are important and how you're going to use them to increase your engagement, followers and income!


You Start Creating Facebook Stories That Engage

You Start Creating Facebook Stories That Engage

In this module, we learn how to create engaging Facebook Stories using its unique features. Have fun exploring its creative versatility all the while improving your branding!


Your Facebook Stories Strategy Gets Developed

Your Facebook Stories Strategy Gets Developed

In this module, we take things to the next level by adding strategy. You go from just creating stories to actually creating a flow that gets you sales


Facebook Highlights - How To Use Them And Why They Work

Facebook Highlights - How To Use Them And Why They Work

In this module, we tackle everything Facebook Highlights! Learn why these are such powerful additions to your Facebook account, how to create them, what to add, how to customise your covers & more!


Apps That Will Blow-Up Your Results

Apps That Will Blow-Up Your Results

There are secret ninja apps you can use to make your stories POP. Those amazing stories you see are not made with the normal Facebook Stories App, they use powerful apps. You will learn what they are and how to use them. Prepare to be wowed...This one module is worth more the whole course!


The Secret Facebook Stories Sales Formula

The Secret Facebook Stories Sales Formula

There is a sales formula you will learn to truly become a master at selling on Facebook Stories. Once you learn this formula, you will find it easy to create stories that sell and build your business.

We Understand...

It’s the reason we created this course.
We used to find facebook stories hard too, but we knew we needed to learn how to use them for our businesses.
We spent thousands of dollars, went through hours upon hours of training and made many mistakes until we got it right.
Now We Use Them Everyday To Generate Leads, Make Sales and we want to show you how to do the same!

We Have...

Helped business owners sky rocket their businesses using our training.

Worked with thousands of business owners.

Shown people all over the world how to make it work for them.

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Once you follow our training your clients and prospects will start to interact more.

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  • WOW your audience.

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Naomi Joy

Co-CEO, Rise Socia Media

I remember what it was like when I first started building my businesses online over 7 years ago. It was scary but I knew I had to do it. Now I have 4 businesses and teach people all over the world.
I know you may be a little nervous about grabbing this course, but I can guarantee you, you will learn so much.
Grab it now, it’s time you succeeded.
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