Learn the 7 Skills

Whether you are building using online methods like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or you are focusing on offline methods like talking to people you know and meet. These foundational skills are used everywhere.
The better you become with them, the better your results will be.

PRO TIP: Watch each of these videos 3-4 times.

Skill I: The Art of Prospecting

Be the farmer.

It’s about educating. 

Enjoy the journey. 

Skill II: How to Invite

Have posture.

Be friendly. 

Be in a hurry. 

Skill III: Be the Presenter

The one presenting is making the most money.

It’d education.

Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Skill IV-a: The Follow-up Money

The money is in the follow-up

Do what you said you would do.

Be ready to give them the next exposure.

Skill IV-b: The Follow-up 
Overcoming Objections

Smile – don’t be defensive.

Be their friend. 


Skill V: The Close – What to Say to Help Them Get Started

Ask what you liked.

Know the questions.

Be prepared.

Skill VII: Professionals Promote Events

Why are events important. 

What impact do they have. 

How do they work to build your business. 

Skill VI: Get Them Started

Learn to start them correctly.

Give them direction.

Keep it simple.