How to Do a Facebook Story on a Business Page

How do you create a Facebook Story on a Business Page?

It’s easy to do a Facebook Story on your profile, however, it is a little more confusing to work out how to do a Facebook Story on a business page or how to do a Facebook Story from a page.

Many of you may not know the difference between a Facebook Page (Facebook Business Page) and a Facebook Profile (Facebook Personal Page, although it isn’t a page).

What’s the difference between a Facebook business page and a Facebook profile?

Simply put, the page allows you to advertise and market your business, it also gets much less reach. A profile does not allow you to do paid advertising and according to Facebook you have to be very careful about how you market your business on your profile.

Why should you do a Facebook Story on a business page, aren’t they just for personal stuff?

This is a great point, you must understand that people are on Social Media for one main reason: their own pleasure and interest. This means that everything you do needs to fall into what your customer is looking for. If you run your page in a way that is not interesting then you will lose your customers’ focus and they will go somewhere that meets their need.

Ensuring you do a Facebook Story on your Business Page allows you to continue to create interest and shows a lighter side to your business.

Tip: Remember that your customers have a lot of their own “stuff” going on. When they come to your page, give them a moment to forget their “stuff”.

There are over 500 MILLION users using Facebook Stories every day now and growing. We will see more and more people swiping left and less swiping up.

I recently asked my audience who would prefer to go through Facebook Stories rather than watch TV and over 30% of people said they would. This should tell you the interest level of your audience. Those short, interesting and sometimes comical stories are gaining more and more attention. It’s time to learn how to use them for your business and start putting them to good use.

Have you got a Facebook Story Marketing Plan for your business?

As you start to create your story on your business page, it is my suggestion that you have your own Facebook Story Marketing Plan . This will give you an idea of what to create and you can even plan your year out in advance. This way you aren’t waking in the morning and have no idea on what you are going to do. You can also check out Rise Social Media for more social media tips.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at how to do a Facebook story on a business page.

You have two options to add a story to your page.

Add a Facebook Story using your phone.

In this example, I will show you how to do it using your iPhone. It should be very similar if you use another type of phone

1. Open up your Facebook Pages App. ( recommend using your Pages app rather than going through the normal Facebook app)

2. Click on the “+” sign on your Page Profile Photo

3. Click “Create story”

4. Allow your creative juices to flow.

Add a Facebook Story using your desktop.

1. Go to your page on Facebook.

To do a facebook story on a business page makes what you do so much more interesting.

2. Click on the “+” sign on your Page Profile Photo

See how easy it is to do a Facebook Story on a business page
We have a lot of training on Rise Social Media Youtube Channel

3. Create your story and ensure you have clicked the “your pages story” option.

Using Facebook Stories on your business page should not be optional, it must become a serious part of your marketing efforts even if you have to get someone else to do it for you.

Your stories will get more reach than your posts if you do them correctly and at this moment in time, Facebook is giving them more emphasis however it wont be long until your stories are full of ads, so get in there and start using them now.

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