Why is facebook so slow on google chrome

Why is facebook so slow on google chrome and one way to speed facebook up on google chrome

Why is facebook so slow on google chrome 1
Yes I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Facebook had been running so slow that I wanted to scream!

Struggling with why is facebook so slow on google chrome? I had to find the answer to why is facebook so slow on google chrome, so I know how you feel. It’s slowing down your business and stealing valuable time, not to mention how frustrating it is.

When Facebook is on a major go slow on google chrome it makes everything more frustrating. It shouldn’t happen, well you would think it shouldn’t happen in todays evironment and the technology we have. 

We have all become used to things being “fast”. However for some reason google chrome and Facebook don’t seem to like each other. 

This may be because they are competition but who knows. 

So let me give you 2 ways to make Facebook faster on your computer and remove the google chrome go slow. It’s time to answer your question: “why is facebook so slow on google chrome?”

First the reason: 

I don’t know why… Hey at least I am being honest. Let’s face it, you don’t really care either. What you care about is speeding up Facebook on chrome or just speeding up Facebook on your computer, and I do know is how to make Facebook faster on google chrome. 

2 Ways To Speed Up Facebook On Your Computer and answer why is facebook so slow on google chrome 

1. Use FireFox

My frustration made me try different options, and you may want to do this as well. I now have both browsers open. Chrome and Firefox. Firefox seems much faster than chrome and Facebook is a lot faster. 

2. Clear your logins in your Facebook Settings. 

This works well. However still not as fast as Firefox. 

Follow my instructions below. 

Why is facebook so slow on google chrome 2
  • To speed up facebook on google chrome, open up Facebook on your computer and click the dropdown in the top right hand corner

  • Now click “settings”

  • Next click “security and login”

  • If you have more than 2 places you are logged in at, you will see some words like “see more” or “open more”. Click that and it will expand.
  • Now click “log off all sessions”

If you want to watch this on our YouTube Channel go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGjOMuA4g_Q&

This should make Facebook a lot faster on Google Chrome and answer your question: Why is facebook so slow on google chrome.

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