How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group

How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group

How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 1

If you are wanting to use Facebook for marketing then you are going to need to know how to add someone to a Facebook Group.

First step is to make sure you have a Facebook group for business and that it is setup correctly to ensure you will create the interaction and results you want and need.

Why should you use a Facebook group for business?

Before we get into how to add someone to a Facebook group, let’s cover a few extra things like “why should you use a Facebook group for business?

Think about it this way, your Facebook group is like a “hangout” and “value” area for your prospects, clients, and team. It’s a place they can build relationships, find information, receive special rewards and so much more. Once you start to build your Facebook group, you will always have a place you can go to to find people who are interested in what your business has to offer. It’s a place that at any moment you can start a conversation with a potential or an existing client and see if you can help them make a buying decision.

How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 2

You can have the confidence to know that the people in your group were at some stage interested in what you have to offer. Thus they were or still are a hot prospect. Your job is now to either build their eager need for what you have or to keep them interested and hopefully buy again if they have purchased in the past.

What can you use a Facebook group for?

There are many ways to use Facebook groups.

For prospects:

You can use them for prospects who haven’t bought from you yet, however they “may”. These are the ones that have enquired or showed some kind of interest in your product or service. Your group then should be about value and little pieces of information that help your client make value-based decision to purchase from your business.

For clients:

If you can have an “exclusive” area for your clients, a place they receive more “value” and “special treatment” then this will build a sense of importance and culture that you look after your own. It also makes others want to have that same experience. There is nothing like “exclusivity” or “Special privileges” to help people make a buying decision. It doesn’t matter whether your are a seasoned Network Marketer, online marketer or you own a traditional business. I have all of these and I use groups for all of them.

For team members:

This kind of group is a little different. A group for team members, staff, support etc is important. Like the other groups, you need to add value, ask and answer questions. We use our Team members groups for updates but also to show a lot of fun.

Tip: It now takes between 5 – 21 times of “connection” for your prospect to make a buying decision from you. This means your main focus should be staying “Front of mind” of your prospect. You do this by the kinds of value and posts you bring. Make sure YOU are bringing the value, not someone else.

How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 3

Network Marketing Tip: Many people use Facebook groups that have many admins and contributors for their businesses. If you are allowing everyone else (your spline or crossline) to be the ones that add the posts, then you are not showing yourself as a person of value. It is important that you start adding value to your groups as soon as possible. Your prospects need to see you.

Remember: A person is only ever loyal to you for as long as you can bring some kind of value to their lives… So bring tonnes of value.

Let’s look at the key principles on how to add someone to a Facebook group.

1. Ask your prospect or client first before you add them

This is just courtesy. No one wants to be forced to do something. It’s a sign of disrespect if you add someone without first asking them, no matter how well you know them. It’s the quickest way for you to lose a friend or relationship by adding them to a group without asking first.

It also makes sure you are adding them to something they are interested in. Many amateurs think just adding any person to a group will work, however the professional knows they should only add a person to a group that they will be interested in. Eg: you wouldn’t add a Vegan to a group for meat lovers.

Script: “Hi …., are you still interested in ….?” They say yes then “cool, I’ve found a group on Facebook that has a lot of good information on …. Would you like me to add you? If you don’t like it, you can leave.

So many people make their scripts long winded and full of words they don’t need. Keep your message simple and about your prospect. Remember make it about them and how you are helping them.

2. Send them the direct link to your Facebook group.

Once you “invite” them to the group, the next step is to send them the link via messenger. This is an important step. Many people miss the notifications however when you send them the direct link to the group, they can click the link and then accept your request immediately.

Tip: always ask them to click the link.

Script: “Do you see the link I just sent you? Can you click that link now and just click accept, then I can tag you on the information I was thinking you would find interesting?

This is how you find the link to your Facebook group:

How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 4
You can find your Facebook group link on your browser’s address bar. Simply go to your Facebook group, copy the address on the top left, and paste it on your Facebook message.
How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 5
You can customize your group link by clicking “More” and then “Edit group settings”.
How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 6
Type in your custom address and click “Customise Address”.
How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 7
You can now use this link to invite people to your group.

How do you find people to add to your Facebook group?

Send a specific message

While you can be very direct with your message without building a relationship first, it is always better to interact first and try and get to know your prospect or client. Don’t assume that because you find the group interesting and valuable that they will do too.

Of course if you know the person you are messaging or they know you, you can be very direct, however for others, a little warming up first is critical.

Here are some scripts that will help you with understanding how to add someone to a Facebook group.

Direct Script for someone you know well:

Hey …. How’s your day/night?”
Wait for answer…
“Just checking, are you still interested in … ?”(state a benefit of your group)
Wait for answer…
“Cool, I found a group on … that is really interesting, would you like me to add you to it, if not no big deal, just thought you may like it 🙂 “
Then keep chatting a little and building rapport

Indirect Script for people you don’t really know:

Use the Acronym
L – Location: Where do you live?
O – Occupation: What do you do for a living?
R – Recreation: What do you do for fun?
D – Dream: What are you working towards for your future?

I recommend writing a list of questions down for each letter to keep the conversation going. Eg: Location: What do you do for a living, how long have you done that, what do you like about it, what don’t you like about it, do you see yourself doing that forever, what would you like to be doing?

Once you have build some kind of rapport, then ask them:

“Hey …. You know how you said …. I am in a group on Facebook that covers a lot about that, would you be open to me adding you to that group? You may like it like I do, if not thats ok, no big deal.”

Trouble Shooting

What if no one responds to your posts?

It comes down to how many real relationships you have made, how respected you are with your community and how many peoples’ posts you are actually commenting on.

How to Add Someone to a Facebook Group 8

It’s all about the law of reaping and sowing. If you are sowing relationship with other people, then you will reap a good harvest. If, however, you have not been spending time commenting on peoples posts, building relationships and enjoying people, then you may not get the results you want at the start. This does not mean you should give up, it just means you need to start getting active doing the actions that will get you the results you need and want.

A simple way of doing this is to start commenting on 5 – 10 people posts (prospects) every morning and then do another 5 – 10 in the evening. You may think this is a lot, however it will only take you 5 – 10 minutes. This will start to pay you in better interaction on your own posts and the joy of building wonderful and thankful relationships.

Tip: Once you start commenting on others’ posts, make sure you start putting up positive, fun and life giving posts after this to show you are the kind of person that others want to be around.

People can’t help themselves from reciprocating when you do this.

If you show people the same respect and love you want from them, they wont be able to stop themselves from responding to you. It’s called the “law of reciprocation.”

If you want your results to truly explode then follow our Daily activity sheet from Rise Social Media to ensure you get the best results.

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