Network Marketing On Facebook Series – Positioning

Network Marketing On Facebook Series: How To Position Yourself!

Network Marketing On Facebook Series - Positioning 1

Facebook Marketing is far from straightforward, but it definitely is rewarding!

Everyone wants to know how to Market On Facebook to make money and create a lifestyle, but unfortunately very few people take the necessary time to learn the skills and then implement what they learn. They think that all Facebook marketing is, is throwing up some links to a website and then all their friends and world of Facebook will see their link and for some reason feel compelled to click it and buy their product and or service.

I have seen so many network marketers start their facebook marketing program and fall for this thought process.  It is easy to do, because we get so excited about what we have and we think that everyone else should be just as excited, however there is a shortfall with this thought process. You see your friends and prospects have not been through what you have been through so they will be seeing things totally different to you. What you see as opportunity, they could be seeing as spam.

Network Marketing On Facebook does require some initial thought and planning. Anyone can do it and I believe anyone can be successful on it. You just need to start right and follow a system, a system of success. It is always best to follow someone who has a track record of getting success in the area you are wanting to travel, than trying to follow someone who has no clue.

Network Marketing On Facebook Series - Positioning 2
Good guidance is important

In this Rise Social Media Facebook marketing series, we are going to cover every area of Facebook marketing for the network marketer that comes up. I will do my best to leave out the junk and just give you the stuff that is important. There will be times I give you other things as well and maybe a story or two, because let’s face it, we all like to hear stores of people using these strategies and they are working.

Network Marketing On Facebook is a little different to other marketing programs because you have so many different angles you can go, so it is important that you spend the time to know and understand that you want to “start with the end in mind”.

Let Me Explain Why Network Marketing On Facebook Is different.

Let me explain, just say you promote a health and wellness product, you believe it is the best product in the world and that no one comes close, you do all the research into the product and every single ingredient. You know the theory of why and how it works and you have even seen the testimonials. Hours upon hours have been spent behind the computer researching and the amount of books you have on the study of this product and the nutrients within it, could fill a library. There is NO DOUBT that you love this product and the benefits it could bring to the world. So you start your business thinking that this product will be the answer to your dreams of being able to have the house, the car, the lifestyle, the holidays and the freedom. Your business takes off, you have so many clients and some of your clients are getting great results.

Your Network Marketing Business seems to have taken off and you start to believe that you are going to make a success but then this terrible feeling starts to creep in, and day by day it gets deeper and darker. The feeling is doubt. You start to doubt the business because it isn’t growing, you have plateaued and are not going any further. The people you have brought on, some of them have started to talk to people, but none are getting the results you have. You have choices to make, you either give up on the dream you have of an amazing lifestyle from this business, change companies because obviously it is the companies problem, quit altogether or you can look at where you went wrong and make the changes necessary to start moving towards your dreams.

So do you see where the problem is with this plan?

You didn’t start with the end in mind. You started with your passion on the products but not what you wanted those products to do for you. You see, products don’t sell themselves, they need a team of people to move them. Network Marketing on Facebook means you have to realise this and realise it fast.

Network Marketing On Facebook Series - Positioning 3
Be honest: did you really have the end in mind when you started the business?

What if you had of spent the same amount of time you did on researching the products you spent it on researching business and how to do network marketing successfully? What if you realised that everyone has different dreams and reasons for getting started and you had of catered towards those dreams rather than just your own? What if you had of positioned yourself as a business recruiter who specialises in teaching people how to make money working from home with the best wellness products on the planet, rather than someone selling the best wellness products on the planet…Do you see the difference?

One attracts customers, the other attracts business partners. One will grow and give you a residual income, the other will require you to be hands on for life.

So ask yourself today, what is your end goal and why are you doing it? If your reason for building a Network Marketing business with Facebook is to just to earn a thousand or two thousand dollars, then go and be a product guru. However, if you want to build a residual income that pays you even when you are on holidays, then believe in your products but at the same time train yourself to build a network marketing business and be a professional. Understand that you are in the “People Development Business”, not the product moving business…

Network Marketing On Facebook is so much fun. It is a TRUE duplicatable way for anyone to have success and a lot of fun at the same time. Just make sure you start with the end in mind. Understand what your end goal is and what you truly want. People don’t need to be a product guru, they need to be a People Guru. They need to know, care and love people, they need to want the best for them and want to help them achieve their dreams.

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