Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties

get more people watching facebook watch parties

9 Powerful Ways To Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties

How do you get more people watching Facebook Watch Parties so that your parties are a success? There’s nothing worse than holding a party and no one showing up. Imagine the heart break. You buy the food, clean the house, get all dressed up only to wait around for no one to arrive. This is the worst possible outcome…

Or is it?

First remember something for your success, you always learn more from your failures than you do from your successes. You analyse your failures, you ask questions and you want to know why…. Well I hope you do.

However very few actually analyse their wins. They take them for granted and don’t put as much effort into figuring out what went right. So if you have held a Facebook Watch Party and no one showed up, don’t worry.

In my career that is over 2 decades now, I have hosted many parties where it’s just been me and the crickets. But that didn’t stop me.

To get more people watching facebook watch parties, there are 9 simple points below.

So here are my tips on how to get more people watching Facebook watch parties:

1. Make your party about your guests!

Ensure your party is about your guests not about you. This means, think about what their likes and dislikes are. Think about their needs, their loves and their hates. And make sure your marketing, your messages, your posts all match those things. When they see them, they will be more than likely to show up.

Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties 1
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Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties

2. Plan to have more than one Facebook Watch Party per week… 3 is best!

People are busy and unlike a normal launch of a business that is normally done in a shop or building, this is done online. This brings incredible flexibility to your business and your party for your guests. When you have 3 options, your invitation is very different. Rather than saying “Can you make my event on ….” you say, “Which event best suits your time? I have multiple launch nights for my friends because I know they are busy.”

3. Be your best!

People see average every day of the week, however, you’re an entrepreneur and not an average one. Doing your best for the people attending sets an expectation inside you that they will have a great time. If you expect your guests to have a great time, then that will be the energy you put out. When you talk to people, you will be excited and positive because you know you are going to do your best.

4. Be excited!

Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties 2
Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties

People are over being bored, they are craving excitement and energy. Most peoples’ lives are very full and to give up their valuable time it has to be something that is exciting and fun. You could have planned the best Facebook Watch Party the world has ever seen, however if there is no excitement around it in the pre launch, then people will feel it’s not worth their time.

5. Know your words!

What does “know your words” mean? Simply put, know what you are going to say to invite them and how you are going to invite them.  Words are everything. Make it about THEM not you. You do this by ensuring you know their hot buttons and that you tell them your watch party will help them with …. (What ever their hot button is). If you are selling a weight loss product and you know they have been wanting to lose weight, then tell them you are launching a new program that is helping people lose weight.

6. Promote but don’t spam!

This means, when you put a post up on Facebook about your Watch Party, write your post in “Value based words and Information”. Let people know what they will receive and how it will help them. Don’t be one of these people who keep putting up posts that just say “buy my product” or “join my challenge”. There’s no value there. While yes you can put up a post like that every now and again, but to receive the best results, ensure you bring value to your market.

7. Confirm 3 times!

There really is one powerful way to get get more people watching facebook watch parties, It’s the power of 3. When a person says “Sure add me to your group, I’d love to watch”. Confirm with them that they mean it. The way you do this is by the power of 3. Here’s an example of how it could look.

  1. John, can you make one of my new business launch parties I am doing right here on Facebook? You don’t need to even leave your house and it’s done on your phone or computer. It’s so easy. I’m pretty nervous but also excited and was hoping you would be able to attend. My products focus on giving people energy. So do you think you could help me out and show up? You can choose the time that best suits you either Monday 800pm, Wed 300pm or Sat 900am. Can you make it?
  2. (John says Yes…) Great John which time can you make? (John says Wed at 300pm.)
  3. John that is great, so I can count on your to be in the party at 300pm on Wednesday? I just am arranging giveaways, prizes and fun stuff, so I need to confirm numbers.

8. Send a reminder!

Don’t rely on people remembering. If you want people to turn up then you need to remind them. Do this by sending a Facebook Message or even a text via the phone.

Important Tip: To Get More People Watching Facebook Watch PartiesDon’t say “Are you still coming?” This gives them the opportunity to opt out. Instead say “John I am really excited about the Launch Party tonight at 300pm. Thank you for being a great friend and saying you will show up. It means a lot to me. I want you to win one of the prizes.”

9. Tell them what they can expect!

It’s time to build excitement. Tell your friends what they can expect. This is the most powerful way to get more people watching Facebook Watch Parties. Tell them about the prizes, the games, the fun things planned and also WHY they should be there. Why it is important to them. Remind each person that it will speak to their need. Eg: feeling better about their size, more energy, manage emotions better, make money… Whatever it is, you must remind them.  If you haven’t read the article on How to Host a Facebook Watch Party on Rise Social Media, then do that now.

Here are some tips on how to make your party attractive so more people show up:

1. Tell them about the contests: Best comment, Most interaction, Best Gif, First person to order.. there is no limit to the amount of activities/contests you could run.

Tip: Remember to Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties, not everyone likes contests or is into fun. I know what you are thinking, everyone loves fun. Maybe, but only AFTER they believe it’s worth their time.

2. Send a little piece of information to those that are interested that acts like a teaser to your event. Make it something that adds intrigue and connected to their interest.

3. Make a nice cover photo and put some testimonies or fun things in your group before the event. So that when you start inviting people to your group, they will see that it’s not dead and lonely. Give them something to read or see before it begins, even if it is a week away.

Get More People Watching Facebook Watch Parties 3

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