Why Does Facebook Keep Changing

If you have been using Facebook for any period of time you would have experienced some of the changes they have instigated. Some have been good and some have been a right pain in the bum.


Your question is a valid question, “Why does Facebook keep changing?”

I mean who likes change? Not many of us. Most people are very happy with the status quo. They don’t like change and when it is thrust upon them, it’s like the world is going to end.

First let me be a little cheeky, when Facebook makes a change, the world isn’t going to end, life as we know it isn’t over and you are going to survive. Although I do admit there have been times that Facebook have made changes and I wanted to run away and hide because they did send me into a tail spin.

But why does Facebook keep changing?

Facebook is almost like a living organism that has an environment that keeps changing and because the environment keeps changing so does it.

mobile phone
Facebook is like a living, growing organism.

They have some of the smartest people on the planet working for them. Facebook monitors yours and my behaviour. They look at what we post, where we go, what we do and how we interact. They study you. Facebook, like all marketers, know that if understand their customers, then they can make the experience of their customers even better. Facebook believes it is to aid in the “user experience”. Everything for Facebook is about the experience of it’s customers. It’s obvious that when we don’t like something, we stop attending whatever we don’t like. So the better the experience, the more we show up.

Now think about this for Facebook, if they don’t monitor activity, test new things and do their research. If they don’t make sure they give us what we want, we will leave and go somewhere else.

Why doesn’t Facebook want you to leave?

Facebook is just one huge marketing company that offers advertisers a way to promote their goods and services to the masses. At one time, maybe in the initial first few months, it was just a place for people to share experiences, but with everything, it grew and minds were opened to what it could actually be and do. It is a platform that people love to share pretty much anything and everything and a way for marketers to find the people who want what they are selling.

I wonder sometimes if the founders of Facebook ever get surprised at what people feel comfortable to share. Maybe they aren’t anymore, but I do wonder about the beginnings.

How do you influence change on Facebook?

One of the ways that many people are doing today, is they are leaving. They are leaving Facebook for different social media platforms. You ask any of the younger generation and they will tell you where they are. Most will say Instagram and when you ask them why they are there, many will say “there is less drama on Instagram.”

Some people are leaving for Instagram

Another way is to stop clicking on the things you don’t like. Facebook monitors everything you do and don’t do on its site. They work out a plan on how to keep you on its page for longer.

Facebook would be happy if you spent 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. I don’t recommend you doing this.

I want to come back to what the younger generation are doing and why they are leaving Facebook. This should give adults the world over a massive wake up call. The negative posts that get put up are being seen by your children and they are revolting. They are leaving and have had enough of the tantrums that many adults enter into.

What an interesting thought. The younger generation are leaving Facebook for Instagram because there is less “drama”. Now think about that and your own profile. What are you putting up on your profile? Is it life giving and encouraging or is there drama?

The more drama you have, the more people will run away from you and not just any people, YOUR CHILDREN. Your children face a massive challenge in the world today, they don’t need it added to by the negatives in your life.

Ok RANT OVER. but I do believe I am speaking to adults here and professionals and if you want to make money on Facebook, then you need to know this truth.

Why does Facebook keep changing? Because we ask it to. We ask it to by our actions, what we do and don’t do. Unlike many relationships, Facebook does change to make your experience better.


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