What Is A StoryBrand Brandscript

What Is A StoryBrand Brandscript And Why Does Your Business Need One? 

storybrand brandscript

The benefits of a Storybrand Brandscript will continue to pay dividends for any business for years.

What is a Storybrand Brandscript…Your business is facing more challenges today than ever whether you realise it or not. Your customers are buying differently since the virus and this change in the way they do business will continue to gather momentum. Doing business the “old way” has changed.

Your customer has been forced online to find their solutions and they enjoy it and for you to stay relevant you need to know how to position yourself correctly online but this is where most are making their mistake.

You’ve heard about StoryBrand somewhere, maybe from a StoryBrand Guide like myself or read the book ‘Building a StoryBrand’ by Donald Miller and it was brought up about a StoryBrand Brandscript but what exactly is a brandscript and why does your business need one? 

The challenge most businesses face is they try and do their marketing themselves. While this is a necessary evil at the start while you are getting your business off the ground, many times success is because of hard work and some luck, rather than by design. 

Don’t worry, every business goes through this transition of working ’in’ your business to working ‘on’ your business. You realise that your time is better spent on the things you do well vs the marketing.

The beginning of your business is like the testing ground to see whether you have what it takes as an entrepreneur to succeed or not.

The next step is full of dangers as well and many business owners have made this mistake. They hire people who are amazing at making things look beautiful however they have never read a sales and marketing book, attended a seminar on marketing or sold anything themselves online…ever. 

They pay tens of thousands for a website that looks amazing but doesn’t generate leads or make sales. 

The business owner is left wondering what happened and mourns the loss of their money and for many their business. 

This is where a StoryBrand Brandscript done by a Certified StoryBrand Guide makes all the difference. Every Storybrand guide has undergone intense training and mentoring on creating brandscripts and helping clients Market and Sell their products online. 

We care about the success of our clients because our name is on the line and so is our certification. Many times storybrand guides like myself are very selective with who they work with because they want to ensure they can do the best by their client. 

What is a StoryBrand Brandscript? 

If you think about marketing this way, marketing is a mixture of science and art. The science of understanding your client and the art of making what you do appealing. 

Most business owners get stressed by the thought of marketing. They haven’t been trained in marketing and they shouldn’t have to be. They should be able to do what they do best. 

A StoryBrand Brandscript is like a deep dive into your customer with the Intent to find out all we can about them so that you and your business can meet the need they have easier. 

Marketing isn’t easy for those who are not trained in it. I wish I could say it is, but it isn’t.

However with the right training and tools, it can be made easier…that’s what a Storybrand Brandscript does. It makes doing your marketing easier. 

In my mind, it is the absolute best tool you will ever have in your marketing arsenal, a must for every business owner. 

“A BrandScript is a marketing strategy tool that uses the elements of story to help your business connect with more customers and take them on a transformational journey…this happens through a narrative” 

In other words, a brand script will help you identify: 

  • Who your customer is.
  • The problem your customer faces and is trying to overcome.
  • How your business will help them do this by being positioned as the Guide.
  • The steps they need to take to overcome that problem and have success.
  • The benefits to their life they will experience when they have success.
  • The consequence they face is they fail.
  • What ‘Call to Actions” are needed for them to have success.
  • How they will feel when success/victory is theirs. 

Ultimately a Brandscript helps you and your business take your customer on the transformation they are trying to achieve. This then becomes the foundation of your marketing. 

what is a storybrand brandscript

As you go through the BrandScript Experience, you and your business go through a transformation in your own right. You realise that you are no longer the hero in your customers journey, you are the guide and you learn how to be that guide and stand out in the sea of noise. 

When you make this transformation all of your marketing changes, including; Social Media, Website Copy, Emails, Giveaways, the way you speak to them and much more. Your focus is now not on how good you look, but on how good your customer looks. 

Most businesses that don’t go through the StoryBrand BrandScript Transformation stay believing they are the hero to the story. This means they never experience the growth that can happen when they make the transition from Hero to Guide. 

Your brandscript becomes the foundational strategy for all of your marketing and ensures that you always focus on your customer being the hero and you being the guide. 

You will look at it every time you put together any kind of marketing material and you will instantly see what works and what doesn’t. You will know whether an ad will work even before it is placed. 

Marketing and doing business without a brandScript is bound to fail or be far more expensive than it needs to be.

This is why you need a brandscript. 

You won’t only save money, but it will help you make money as well.  

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