4 Keys to being productive on Facebook

4 Keys to being productive on Facebook 1

Facebook plays mind tricks on you?

Facebook plays mind tricks on you…” was something someone said to me recently. They were so against anyone using Facebook and went on to say “it was evil because of the tricks it plays on your mind and the way you think…”

While they were speaking I sat their quietly considering what they said. I realised that in a way they are right but also they are terribly wrong.

It’s kind of like how people say that “money is evil”. Money isn’t evil, money is just a tool we use to do the things we “want” to do. A friend of mine says “money is ‘er’, if you are a happy person, it makes you happier, it you a sad person it makes you sadder, money is just ‘er’.” I tend to agree. Money isn’t evil, it’s the love of money allowing it to consume you.

So let’s get back to Facebook being ‘evil’. This issue isn’t Facebook, the issue is what you do on it. If you spend your entire day or every spare moment in mind numbing trolling of other peoples lives, then yes I definitely believe you could find something a lot better and more profitable to do with your time. (like learning how to be productive on Facebook and do something that will add to your bank account … hint hint)

Your mind is a sponge, it requires to be filled with information but not the negative soul sapping information that most people fill it with. Instead it should be filled with good news, life enhancing and spirit renewing nuggets.

4 Keys to being productive on Facebook 2
Feed your mind

There is nothing like feeding your spirit and mind with good things (also your body with exercise and nutrition but we will talk about that another time). Why my friend was only partially correct was not because Facebook is evil, it’s because I believe wasting time and filling your mind and heart with other peoples gossip and junk does nothing for you except send you on negative spiral downwards. If you can find a way to make your time on Facebook positive and renewing, then all of a sudden it becomes a good place to be, however as with everything it needs to be in moderation. Spending all day on it won’t benefit you at all.

So how do you make your time on Facebook Positive?

1. Know what you want from Facebook and why you are on it. If you login without any kind of purpose then you can be guaranteed that you will lose any kind of positive effect you could have had in your time.

2. Have a certain amount of time allocated. If you know the reason you are going to be on Facebook, then you should also know how much time you will need. Allocate that time and ONLY that amount of time, set an alarm if you have to. But get on and get off.

3. Use Facebook’s scheduling system on your pages. Facebook allows you to schedule posts that you want put up using their scheduling system. However it only works on pages, it does not work on your personal profile.

4. Get trained: Being professionally trained in anything increases your chances of success. Having someone guide you through the pitfalls makes your journey more enjoyable. Obviously, you don’t need too much training if you are not wanting to use Facebook for business, however if you are wanting to make money from your time, than you will definitely need training.

I use Facebook every day to train, develop, and grow my business and partners all over the world. It is an invaluable tool that can be used for good if you know how.

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