How to prospect on Facebook

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How to prospect on Facebook has to be one of the most important things that could possibly be trained in network marketing today. It is no longer a “nice to know” thing, it has become a “must know” for those wanting to make network marketing their profession.

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Who’s making a list and checking it twice?

The old way of getting someone started was “write a list and then contact that list” and while yes that is still important, people don’t really need to write their list because it’s right in front of them on Facebook. Nearly everyone has all of their closest friends as friends on Facebook and then even people they don’t know are becoming friends because they like a post that was put up or a profile photo etc.

As I am writing this article, one of my brand new team members who is in his 60’s is telling me how much he is loving the training we have given him on how to prospect on facebook.

When you Prospect on Facebook, it is actually quite easy; it is not a huge task! Yes, you will have to get over some fears and push through, but it is worth it.

We love simple in everything we do because when it’s simple anyone can do it.

First thing I want you to remember when you prospect on facebook is “concept vs technique”. This means to take what I give you and make it yours.

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Today with facebook prospecting we will focus on relationships. It doesn’t matter where you are marketing, this rule will never change. Yes, you can number crunch people, however it is so much better to build long term relationships.

Go through the friends you have on your facebook list and start making notes somewhere on who you have. Write down your list and start pre judging, yes I said it, you have to pre judge (just a little). You will connect with them all, but we also want to be strategic. I like to look for low hanging fruit, meaning if you have a weight loss or fat loss product, it is pretty easy to see who needs it is kind of what I am suggesting.

How to prospect on Facebook 2
Go through your Facebook friends list and take note of what they need

Some of you will be thinking “but shouldn’t I lead with the business and money” well yes and no. You should lead with “what they want” and you won’t find that out until you start chatting and communicating with them. This is why you will need to build relationships first.

After you have gone through your list and done a little pre-judging (remember not a lot) the next step is a little different. I want you to start messaging people on your list, start with 5 – 10 per day, Facebook doesn’t like you messaging too many people per day otherwise they will block your account. Some of the things I like to chat about with people are:

  • Their recent posts
  • Their photos they have put up
  • Family if I know it
  • The weather lol
  • Holidays

Do this in short intervals, don’t spend forever with them. It is a funnel approach; you are building relationships and also FORMing them to find out what their needs are. You are not trying to jump on them.

They may not have heard from you in a long time and so for you to start chatting out of the blue may be a little bit of a shock. If you find that you have someone that pushes back, that is ok, just say “I saw you come up in my news feed and wanted to say hi. I hope you’re well, chat later as I have to run.” or something like that. Don’t get caught in a not nice situation, always have a way to end a conversation and be positive.

As you are chatting with people on facebook you are looking for a “hot button”, that little thing that they are looking for an answer on. It maybe finances, holidays, time, energy, weight loss etc etc. This may mean that over time you will have to get better with the kinds of questions you are asking and faster.

Prospect On Facebook Using Chat

How to prospect on Facebook 3
Facebook Messenger for calls and chat

Use chat to get permission to “call them”. I never like to stay chatting with someone for too long; my purpose is to get them on a call and then into my funnel. I want to connect with them and be the person that meets their need.

Once I have them on the phone then the standard network marketing process takes over (plus a little more if you are part of our team).

You have to remember that there is no magic bullet that will make you rich overnight with prospecting on facebook. However, if you keep active and speaking/chatting with people and adding them into your funnel, you will start the journey.

Prospecting on facebook has become the number 1 thing my global team does. While yes we do have things that most others don’t, these basic steps I have give you today are a great start.

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