How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Group

4 Steps To Easily Tag Someone In A Facebook Group

How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Group 1

How do you tag someone in your Facebook group?

Once you have learnt how to add someone to a Facebook group, it’s now time to learn how to tag someone in a Facebook group. Even though tagging someone is quite simple to do, sometimes you may find the tagging feature on Facebook does not work the way you would expect.

First let’s answer how to tag someone in a Facebook group and then we will troubleshoot some of the challenges you may face.

Tagging is very simple and you may have done it in the past without realising that it’s what you were doing. You may have also seen the tagging feature popup on Facebook and stopped it from doing its job because you didn’t know what it was doing. 

How to tag someone in a Facebook group or even on your timeline is simple to do. 

Follow these steps: 

1. First, add them to your Facebook group. If you need to know how to add someone to a Facebook group, follow this link.

2. Once they have accepted your invitation (follow our steps to increase your results by x 10) now it’s time to tag them. Start typing their name into the comments section of a post you believe they may find interesting. You will notice their name start to show. If their name does not show then follow our trouble shooting below.

How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Group 2

3. When you see their name, press enter/return or click their name. This will then show their name in the comment and they will receive a notification.

4. Once you tag them, send them a message and ask them “Hi … I just tagged you on the post I thought you may find interesting/fun/informative/inspiring/challenge etc (choose one), can you see the tag, it should show up in the facebook notifications area?

Trouble shooting for how to add someone to a Facebook group

What if you can’t tag someone in a Facebook group? Follow these steps:

If you can’t “tag them” you may find one of these options help you:

♣ Try using a different device. If you’re using a laptop/computer use a phone, if you’re using a phone, try using the laptop or computer.

♣ Logout of Facebook and log back in.

♣ Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app on your phone, ipad or tablet. If you are using your laptop/computer, you automatically have the latest version of Facebook.

How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Group 3

♣ Confirm to make sure they have accepted your invite. If they have not accepted your invitation, then you won’t be able to tag them. Also remember sometimes people say “yes” to having accepted it just to avoid saying no, they’re not interested. Following up with them and asking them gently if they accepted the invitation and telling them why you are asking again helps them do the action. 

Tip: Be careful how you ask them. If you ask them in a rough way, they may get offended. So ask in a way you would appreciate being asked: “Hi … can you help me out. I am having some trouble tagging you on that information I promised. I have found out that sometimes its a facebook issue and other times its something else. Would you mind letting me know if you had the chance to accept that invitation to the group? I just can’t tag you on the information I promised. I am working on what the other issues could be as well. But I thought I would just check, I hope that is ok 🙂 “ 

♣ Come back in an hour and try again. Sometimes it’s an update thing with the Facebook servers. Don’t get frustrated, just make yourself a note and come back in an hour and check again. Let your contact know that you are having trouble tagging them and you will try again in an hour.

♣ Turn off your phone, tablet or computer. Nothing like a reboot to sort things out.

If you can’t “add them” to the group:

♣ It is possible that they are already added to the group. Check the members section in the group. 

♣ Is there a setting that stops people from being invited to a Facebook group?

No, there is no setting at the moment to stop someone from being “invited”, so more than likely it is one of the reasons above.

We hope this article on how to easily tag someone in a facebook group helped you.

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